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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

MBA Admission 2015-16 - PU, Chandigarh

Panjab University, Chandigarh

University Business School

MBA Admission 2015-16

Applications are invited for admission to MBA for the session 2015-16

The Board of Control of UBS has decided the schedule of on-line registration for MBA Programme for the session 2015-16 as under

(i) Online Registration starts on : 26 November, 2014

(ii) Last date of submission of information on the website to generate the bank challan : 27 January, 2015

(iii) Last date of submission of fee in any branch of State Bank of India using website generated challan : 29 January, 2015

(iv) Last date for uploading photograph, signature with rest of the information on the website after depositing fee in SBI. : 05 February, 2015

(v) Last date for submission of hard copy of the : 18 February, 2015

For more details, visit:

Entrepreneurship Development Programme - Question Paper 3rd Year April 2003 - Panjab University

Panjab University - BCA 3rd Year April 2003

Entrepreneurship Development Programme

Time Allowed: 3 Hrs

Maximum Marks: 100

1 (a) Describe the need and scope of project formulation. (4)

(b) What are different approaches followed in project formulation ? (5)

(c) What is techno-economic feasibility ? How is it conducted by entrepreneur ? (11)

2 (a) What is a project report ? (2)

(b) What is the structure of a project report ? (5)

(c) How can you formulate and pprepare a project report for manufacturing fruit jam ? (13)

3 (a) What is working capital ? How is it different from fixed capital ? (9)

(b) How would you manage working capital for your small scale unit manufacturing computer parts ? (11)

4 (a) What are financial ratios ? What for these are used ? (6)

(b) What is break-even analysis ? How does it help a small scale entrepreneur ? (8)

(c) What are the components of prodeuct costing ? Why is cost consciousness essential for launching and managing an enterprise ? (6)

5 (a) list various types of financial institution which help the entrepreneur in setting up and running their units. (5)

(b) What are different books of account ? How can you prepare a trial balance ? (9)

(c) How are various financial statements helpful to a scale entrepreneur ? (6)

6 (a) What is personnel management ? What are its function ? (5)

(b) what are four 'Ms' of management ? How are these managed by an entrepreneur in his enterprise ? (8)

(c) What is office management ? What are its main objectives ? (7)

7 (a) What steps are needed in registration of an enterprise ? (5)

(b) Describe the salient provisions of Factory Act ? (8)

(c) Give the main features of shops and commercial Establishment Act. (7)

8 Write brief note on any four of the following :

(a) Excise rules (4)

(b) Insurance (4)

(c) Income Tax (4)

(d) Capital budgeting (4)

(e) Funds flow analysis (4)

Internet Programming - BCA Part 3rd Question Paper - PU Chandigarh April 2003

Panjab University - BCA 3rd Year April 2003

Internet Programming

Time Allowed: 3 Hrs

Maximum Marks: 100

1. (a) What are the applications of Internet ? Also explain the future of the internet. (10)

(b) Discuss various methods of internet access. (10)

2. (a) What do you understand by World Wide Web ? Explain (10)

(b) Define “list” in HTML. Discuss how lists can be used to organize information in an HTML document. (10)

3. (a) Write some salient features of HTML. Write a HTML script to display an image on page with centre alignment and having a hyperlink attach to it. (10)

(b) Why style sheets are used in HTML document ? Explain its following properties (i) Color (ii) Background-position (10)

4. (a) Design an HTML page which contains a table having different columns for entering student information like roll-no., stud_name and marks in two subjects. (10)

(b) What is Front-Page ? Discuss various components of Front-Page. (10)

5. (a) Why is Front-Page used by web developers ? Explain. (10)

(b) Why is Netscape Navigator used for “Browsing Internet” ? (10)

6. (a) Compare and contrast Dynamic HTML with HTML. (10)

(b) Discuss various data-types of Java Programming Language. (10)

7. (a) Why Java is called object oriented programming language ? (10)

(b) How are the functions implemented in Java Script ? Write a small script code to find the largest number among three by passing three variables to a function and return the result. (10)

8. Write short notes on the following :

(a) Web Server (10)

(b) Various tags to place text in browser. (10)

Data Communication and Network - Question Paper September 2003 - Panjab University

Panjab University - BCA 3rd Year September 2003

Time Allowed: 3 Hrs

Maximum Marks: 100

Data Communication and Network

1 (a) What do you mean by Computer Network ? Discuss various classes of network in detail. (10)

(b) What is TCP/IP reference model ? How does it differ from OSI reference model ? (10)

2 (a) Define protocols. Whatr are the reasons for using layered protocols ? (5)

(b) What do you mean by maximum data rate ? Calculate it when a noiseless 4-kHz Channel is sampled 1 msec. (5)

(c) Define ISDN. discuss the architecture if ISDN system with logical diagram. (10)

3 (a) Define elctromagnetic spectrum. Discuss how various parts of spectrum are used for data transmission. (10)

(b) Briefly discuss the services offered by Data Link Layers to Network Layer. (10)

4 (a) What is piggybacking ? How is it implemented by sliding window protocol ? Duscuss with
small examples. (10)

(b) Discuss how the medium access is controlled among competing users in IEEE 802.4 (Token Bus) standard. (10)

5 (a) Define Routing. Discuss various classes of routing algorithm. Briefly explain one algorithm for each class with appropriate example. (15)

(b) Define Internet working. List down hardware devices used in internet working. (5)

6 (a) Define Congestion re control. Why is it required ? Discuss Leaky Bucket Algorithm of congestion control. (10)

(b) Why is network security so important ? Discuss various threats to network security now-a-days ? (10)

7 (a) Define multimedia. Discuss major components of any multimedia applications. Why is interactivity very important in multimedia applications ? (10)

(b) Briefly discuss following:

(i) WWW (5)

(ii) FTP (5)

8 Write short notes on following:

(a) Star Topology (4)

(b) TCP vs UDP (4)

(c) Flooding (4)

(d) Data Compression (4)

(e) Public Key Encryption

Question Paper - Data Communications and Networks - BCA 3rd Year April 2003

Panjab University - BCA 3rd Year April 2003

Data Communications and Networks

Time Allowed: 3 Hrs

Maximum Marks: 100

1 (a) What are the various layers in OSI Model? Explain the need for each of them. (14)

(b) Compare OSI reference model with TCP/IP reference model (6)

2 (a) Compare sliding window protocol with stop-and-wait protocol (10)

(b) Compare shortest path routing algorithm with flooding (10)

3 (a) What are the general principles of congestion control? (10)

(b) Explain the various methods of Internet working. Also discuss the different gateways used to establish Internet working. (10)

4 (a) What is switching? Compare the performance of circuit swithing and packet switching. (10)

(b) Write a note on two techniques to ensure Network Security. (10)

5 (a) Explain Dynamic channel allocation assumptions. (10)

(b) Write a note on ‘Remote Login’. (10)

6 (a) Compare the Frequency division and Time division Multiplexing Techniques. (10)

(b) What is ISDN? Write briefly on ISDN services. (10)

7 (a) Write a note on Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. (10)

(b) Write briefly about Broadcast and Multicast Routing techniques. How one differs from the other? (10)

8 (a) Explain the IEEE Standard 802.5 (10)

(b) Explain Network Topology. Describe commonly used network topologies with their relative advantages and disadvantages. (10)

Question Paper PU Chandigarh September 2003 - Computer Graphics and Multimedia Applications

Panjab University - BCA 3rd Year September 2003

Computer Graphics and Multimedia Applications

Time Allowed: 3 Hrs

Maximum Marks: 100

Note: Attempt any five questions.

1. (a) What is CAD ? Describe graphic feature of Auto CAD. (12)

  (b) What is a graphic workstation ? What is its significance ? (8)

2. (a) What are the attributes of a good user interface ? How can they be attained ? (10)

  (b) Discuss features and applications of paint brush package. c

3. (a) What are I/O primitives ? How can they be used for drawing histograms, pie-charts and ellipses ? (10)

  (b) What is computer art ? How is it different from manual art ? (10)

4. Briefly discuss various graphic input devices and hard copy devices. (20)

5. (a) Discuss the benefits of multimedia. (6)

  (b) Discuss at length various multimedia storage devices. (14)

6.  Explain the role of multimedia in : (20)

  (a) Training nad Education

  (b) image processing

  (c) Networking

7. (a) What are the multimedia platforms available ? (10)

  (b) What is Audio compression and the standards. (10)

8.  Write short notes on :

  (a) Macro Media Director (10)

  (b) Presentation Graphics (10)

Question Paper Computer Graphics and Multimedia Applications of Panjab University - BCA 3rd Year April 2003

Panjab University - BCA 3rd Year April 2003

Computer Graphics and Multimedia Applications

Time Allowed: 3 Hrs

Maximum Marks: 100

Note: Attempt any five questions. Make suitable assumptions whenever necessary.

1. (a) What is the necessity of Presentation Graphics? Discuss. (7)

(b) What do you understand by Image processing? (6)

(c) What is GUI? What are its advantages and disadvantages? (6)

2. List various graphics input/Output devices. Discuss them briefly. (20)

3. (a) List the main features of AUTOCAD and PaintBrush.(7)

(b) Give commands in AUTOCAD : (i) To draw a circle (ii) To draw a rectangle (8)

(c) What are the advantages and disadvantages of Computer Art over Manual art? (5)

4. Write a program in C language to draw (20)

(i) A circle (ii) Ellipse (iii) Pie chart

5. (a) What do you understand by Multimedia? Discuss the importance of multimedia systems. (12)

(b) Why is information important for developing multimedia systems? (8)

6. (a) What do you mean by MIDI interface? (6)

(b) Discuss main features of Photoshop and Director. (14)

7. List various tools for preparations of Multimedia based lesson. Discuss them. (20)

8. Write short notes on the following :

(a) Work Stations (7)

(b) Raster Scan system (6)

(c) Video Compression (7)

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