Entrepreneurship Development Programme - Question Paper 3rd Year April 2003 - Panjab University

Panjab University - BCA 3rd Year April 2003

Entrepreneurship Development Programme

Time Allowed: 3 Hrs

Maximum Marks: 100

1 (a) Describe the need and scope of project formulation. (4)

(b) What are different approaches followed in project formulation ? (5)

(c) What is techno-economic feasibility ? How is it conducted by entrepreneur ? (11)

2 (a) What is a project report ? (2)

(b) What is the structure of a project report ? (5)

(c) How can you formulate and pprepare a project report for manufacturing fruit jam ? (13)

3 (a) What is working capital ? How is it different from fixed capital ? (9)

(b) How would you manage working capital for your small scale unit manufacturing computer parts ? (11)

4 (a) What are financial ratios ? What for these are used ? (6)

(b) What is break-even analysis ? How does it help a small scale entrepreneur ? (8)

(c) What are the components of prodeuct costing ? Why is cost consciousness essential for launching and managing an enterprise ? (6)

5 (a) list various types of financial institution which help the entrepreneur in setting up and running their units. (5)

(b) What are different books of account ? How can you prepare a trial balance ? (9)

(c) How are various financial statements helpful to a scale entrepreneur ? (6)

6 (a) What is personnel management ? What are its function ? (5)

(b) what are four 'Ms' of management ? How are these managed by an entrepreneur in his enterprise ? (8)

(c) What is office management ? What are its main objectives ? (7)

7 (a) What steps are needed in registration of an enterprise ? (5)

(b) Describe the salient provisions of Factory Act ? (8)

(c) Give the main features of shops and commercial Establishment Act. (7)

8 Write brief note on any four of the following :

(a) Excise rules (4)

(b) Insurance (4)

(c) Income Tax (4)

(d) Capital budgeting (4)

(e) Funds flow analysis (4)

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