Question Paper PU Chandigarh September 2003 - Computer Graphics and Multimedia Applications

Panjab University - BCA 3rd Year September 2003

Computer Graphics and Multimedia Applications

Time Allowed: 3 Hrs

Maximum Marks: 100

Note: Attempt any five questions.

1. (a) What is CAD ? Describe graphic feature of Auto CAD. (12)

  (b) What is a graphic workstation ? What is its significance ? (8)

2. (a) What are the attributes of a good user interface ? How can they be attained ? (10)

  (b) Discuss features and applications of paint brush package. c

3. (a) What are I/O primitives ? How can they be used for drawing histograms, pie-charts and ellipses ? (10)

  (b) What is computer art ? How is it different from manual art ? (10)

4. Briefly discuss various graphic input devices and hard copy devices. (20)

5. (a) Discuss the benefits of multimedia. (6)

  (b) Discuss at length various multimedia storage devices. (14)

6.  Explain the role of multimedia in : (20)

  (a) Training nad Education

  (b) image processing

  (c) Networking

7. (a) What are the multimedia platforms available ? (10)

  (b) What is Audio compression and the standards. (10)

8.  Write short notes on :

  (a) Macro Media Director (10)

  (b) Presentation Graphics (10)

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