Data Communication and Network - Question Paper September 2003 - Panjab University

Panjab University - BCA 3rd Year September 2003

Time Allowed: 3 Hrs

Maximum Marks: 100

Data Communication and Network

1 (a) What do you mean by Computer Network ? Discuss various classes of network in detail. (10)

(b) What is TCP/IP reference model ? How does it differ from OSI reference model ? (10)

2 (a) Define protocols. Whatr are the reasons for using layered protocols ? (5)

(b) What do you mean by maximum data rate ? Calculate it when a noiseless 4-kHz Channel is sampled 1 msec. (5)

(c) Define ISDN. discuss the architecture if ISDN system with logical diagram. (10)

3 (a) Define elctromagnetic spectrum. Discuss how various parts of spectrum are used for data transmission. (10)

(b) Briefly discuss the services offered by Data Link Layers to Network Layer. (10)

4 (a) What is piggybacking ? How is it implemented by sliding window protocol ? Duscuss with
small examples. (10)

(b) Discuss how the medium access is controlled among competing users in IEEE 802.4 (Token Bus) standard. (10)

5 (a) Define Routing. Discuss various classes of routing algorithm. Briefly explain one algorithm for each class with appropriate example. (15)

(b) Define Internet working. List down hardware devices used in internet working. (5)

6 (a) Define Congestion re control. Why is it required ? Discuss Leaky Bucket Algorithm of congestion control. (10)

(b) Why is network security so important ? Discuss various threats to network security now-a-days ? (10)

7 (a) Define multimedia. Discuss major components of any multimedia applications. Why is interactivity very important in multimedia applications ? (10)

(b) Briefly discuss following:

(i) WWW (5)

(ii) FTP (5)

8 Write short notes on following:

(a) Star Topology (4)

(b) TCP vs UDP (4)

(c) Flooding (4)

(d) Data Compression (4)

(e) Public Key Encryption

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