Question Paper - Data Communications and Networks - BCA 3rd Year April 2003

Panjab University - BCA 3rd Year April 2003

Data Communications and Networks

Time Allowed: 3 Hrs

Maximum Marks: 100

1 (a) What are the various layers in OSI Model? Explain the need for each of them. (14)

(b) Compare OSI reference model with TCP/IP reference model (6)

2 (a) Compare sliding window protocol with stop-and-wait protocol (10)

(b) Compare shortest path routing algorithm with flooding (10)

3 (a) What are the general principles of congestion control? (10)

(b) Explain the various methods of Internet working. Also discuss the different gateways used to establish Internet working. (10)

4 (a) What is switching? Compare the performance of circuit swithing and packet switching. (10)

(b) Write a note on two techniques to ensure Network Security. (10)

5 (a) Explain Dynamic channel allocation assumptions. (10)

(b) Write a note on ‘Remote Login’. (10)

6 (a) Compare the Frequency division and Time division Multiplexing Techniques. (10)

(b) What is ISDN? Write briefly on ISDN services. (10)

7 (a) Write a note on Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. (10)

(b) Write briefly about Broadcast and Multicast Routing techniques. How one differs from the other? (10)

8 (a) Explain the IEEE Standard 802.5 (10)

(b) Explain Network Topology. Describe commonly used network topologies with their relative advantages and disadvantages. (10)

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