JET Test Paper 9

JET Practice Test Paper

81. The rate of reaction:

a) increases with increase in concentration of reactants.
b) decreases with increase in concentration of reactants.
c) increases with decrease of temperature.
d) decreases in presence of catalyst.

82. Which of the following is a lewis acid:

a) Cl– b) H3O+ c) BF3 d) C2H5OH

83. Which of the following reaction is decomposition reaction?

a) CO2+C2CO2 b) H2 + Cl2 2HCl
c) 2Al(OH)3 Al2O3 + 3H2O
d) 2KIO3 + Cl2 2K ClO3 + I2

Hard water is made soft by using

a) Sodium bicarbonate b) Sodium carbonate
c) Sodium chloride d) Sodium hydroxide

85. Annealing of steel is

a) cooling steel articles rapidly
b) passing melten glass between rollers
c) allowing steel articles to cool gradually
d) plunging steel articles suddenly into water

Atomic numbers of elements A and B are 13 and 8 respectively. The simplest formula of the compound wich is expected from these elements is

a) AB b) AB2 c) A2B3 d) A3B2

Ores are:

a) minerals from which metal can be extracted
b) natural material in which metals are found in earth’s crust
c) mineral containing iron
d) mineral containing copper

Cryolite and fluorspar are added during electrolysis of Al2O3 in order to

a) decrease the conductivity
b) reduce M.Pt of Al2O3
c) increase the resistance
d) increase M.Pt of Al2O3

89. Which is amphoteric in nature?

a) K2O b) Ca O
c) Mg O d) Al2 O3

90. The crystalline forms of sulphur are

a) rhombic & monoclinic
b) octagonal & monoclinic
c) trigonal & rhombic
d) octagonal & trigonal

Questions 91 to 100

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