JET Test Paper 10

JET Practice Test Paper

91. Sulphurdioxide is

a) Acidic b) Alkaline
c) Neutral d) Amphateric

92. Silver mirror is formed by the reaction of methanal with

a) Schiff’s reagent b) Fehling solution
c) Wanklyn reagent d) Tollen’s reagent

93. Enzymes required for fermentation of sugarcane to ethanol are

a) maltase & lactase b) invertase & maltase c) invertase & zymase d) maltase & zymase

94. The temperature at which a fuel catches fire is

a) Thermal point b) pour point
c) Ignition temperature d) inversion temp.

95. The method of estimating the age of old objects on the basis of radioactivity is called

a) radioactive dating b) radiochemical ageing
c) radiochemical dating d) radioactive ageing

96. The elements which possess the properties of both metals and non-metals are

a) Non-reactive elements b) Lanthanides
c) Metalloids d) Actinides

97. The main combustible component of water gas is

a) N2 b) CO2 c) CO4 d) H2

98. Isotope of hydrogen having no neutron is _______

a) Protium b) Deuterium
c) Tritium d) none

99. Which of thefollowing compounds is covalent?

a) H2 b) CaO
c) KCl d) Na2S

100. Which of the following has variable valency

a) Sodium b) Aluminium
c) Oxygen d) Copper


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