JET Test Paper 8

JET Practice Test Paper

71. The focal length of the objective of a telescope is 60 cm. To obtain the magnification of 20, the focal length of eye piece should be

a) 1 cm b) 2 cm c) 3 cm d) 4 cm

72. Magnifying power of a compound microscope can be increased by using.

a) objective and eye piece of small focal lengths
b) objective and eye piece of large focal lengths
c) objective and eye piece of same focal lengths
d) objective of small focal length and eye piece of large focal length

A charged particle moving in a magnetic field experiences a resultant force.

a) in the direction of magnetic field
b) in the direction perpendicular to magnetic field and its velocity
c) in the direction opposite to magnetic field
d) at 45o to the magnetic field.

74. The most suitable metal for permanent magnets is

a) steel b) aluminum
c) copper d) iron

The negative acceleration is called.

a) Uniform acceleration b) Retardation
c) Average acceleration d) Angular velocity

. The unit of angular velocity is

a) m/s b) Km/h
c) radius/ second d) 12 m/s

Newton’s second law gives the measure of:

a) acceleration b) momentum
c) force d) angular momentum

78. What is the relation between mass, force and acceleration.

a) F = ma b) F = ms
c) M= FXS d) F = mt

79. Effect of shrinking of earth on the value of ‘g’ will be

a) it will become zero b) it will increase
c) it will become infinite d) it will decrease

80. A body of mass 60 kg has a momentum of 3600 kg ms –1. Speed of the body is:

a) 60 m/s b) 50 m/s
c) 30 m/s d) 20 m/s

Questions 81 to 90

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