JET Test Paper 7

JET Test Paper

61. A band of stars faintly whitening the sky from north to south is called

a) milky way b) milky ganga
c) milky sea d) milky planet

62. Any heavenly body that revolves around a planet is called

a) comet b) nebulae c) star d) Satellite

63. Which of the following isotopes is used for the treatment of cancer?

a) K–40 b) Co–60 c) Sr–90 d) Na–23

64. Which of the following is a non renewable source of energy

a) coal b) tidal energy
c) sun’s energy d) wave energy

Which of the following is not a unit of energy.

a) Joule b) arg
c) Newton d) killowatt hour.

66. Three resistance of 2, 5and 10are joined in parallel. The effective resistance will be

a) more than 10 b) less than 2
c) more than 5 but less than 10
d) between 2 and 5

67. Which of the following remains constant for an isolated system

a) P.E. b) K.E.
c) both P.E. and K.E. d) sum of P.E. & K.E.

68. The mirror used as rear view mirror in automobiles is:

a) Concave b) Plane
c) Convex d) Parabolic

69. In case of spherical mirrors, the focal length and the radius of curvature are related as:

a) f = R/2 b) F = 2R
c) F = R d) F= 3R

70. The angle of incidence corresponding to which the angle of refraction is a right angle is called

a) angle of refraction b) angle of reflection
c) critical angle d) polarizing angle

Questions 71 to 80

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