Question Paper of MA English Critical Theory April 2007, Gujarat University





(Critical Theory)
(New Course)

Time : 3 Hours
Max. Marks : 100

Instructions : (1) Attempt all questions.
(2) All questions carry equal marks.

1. (a) Examine critically Aristotle’s notion of tragedy.


(b) Discuss in detail Aristotle’s views on the ideal tragic hero.

2. (a) Tate attacks the fallacy of communication in poetry. Comment.


(b) Discuss the notion of tension as discussed by Tate in ‘Tension in Poetry’.

3. (a) A poem is prose plus X. Elaborate the statement with reference to Ransom’s essay ‘Criticism as pure speculation’.


(b) A poem is a democratic state whereas prose is a totalitarian state. Comment.

4. (a) Write a detailed note on the significance of literary communication.


(b) Explain the difference between literary communication and day-to-day communication.

5. (a) Discuss at length Derrida’s views on logocentricity.


(b) Write a detailed note on Derrida’s views on bricolage.

6. (a) Attempt an essay on Showalter’s contribution to feminist criticism.


(b) Bring out the appropriateness of the title ‘Feminist Criticism in Wilderness’.

7. (a) Write a detailed note on Bharata’s views on the origin of drama.


(b) Rasa is the soul of drama. Comment.

8. (a) Discuss in detail the role of word power in poetry.


(b) Poetry is not possible without symbolic meaning. Justify.

9. (a) Show your acquaintance with any two of the following :

(1) Formalism
(2) Psychoanalysis
(3) Sociological School
(4) Marxist Approach

10. Show your acquaintance with any two of the following :

(1) Geneva School
(2) Post Modernism
(3) The Chicago Critics
(4) Postcolonial Criticism

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