Question Paper of George Bernard Shaw MA English, Gujarat University




Paper-VII A

Special Author
(George Bernard Shaw)

Time : 3 Hours
Max. Marks : 100

Instructions : (1) Attempt all the ten questions.
(2) Each question is for ten marks.

1. (a) “Bernard Shaw puts the structure of traditional love triangle up side down in Candida.” Comment. 10


(b) “Candida is the embodiment of Shaw’s concept of New Woman.” Elucidate.

2. (a) “Arms and the Man” is Shaw’s critical comment on war and manhood.” Substantiate. 10


(b) “Arms and the Man redefines the idea of patriotism with a realistic and rational touch.” Comment.

3. (a) “St. Joan though defeated, comes out as a victorious character in the play.” Do you agree ? Comment. 10


(b) Discuss how Bernard Shaw questions the conventional notion of religion in the play St. Joan.

4. (a) Discuss in detail Shaw’s theory of Life Force as portrayed in Man and Superman. 10


(b) Shaw satirises the idealistic liberals of his times through the character of Roebulk Romden in Man and Superman.

5. (a) “Doctor’s Dilemma is Shaw’s serious comment on the medical profession.” Discuss. 10


(b) Justify the title Doctor’s Dilemma.

6. (a) “Pygmalian celebrates the power of correctly articulated language in the social context.” Elaborate. 10


(b) “Shaw’s characters are decision-makers affecting the course of action.” Substantiate with reference to Pygmalian.

7. (a) “Shakespeare’s Caesar is a man of emotion while Shaw’s Caesar is a man of action.” Do you agree ? Comment. 10


(b) Comment on the antisentimental attitude of Shaw as reflected in Caesar and Cleopatra.

8. (a) “Ministers come and ministers go, but I go on for ever” Elaborate the given statement from The Apple Cart with reference to Shaw’s views on democracy. 10


(b) In The Apple Cart the character of Mangus occupies the centre place, rest are marginalized.” Comment.

9. (a) Evaluate Bernard Shaw as an iconoclast with reference to his plays. 10


(b) Discuss Shaw as a dramatist who defines himself as someone who was “born to set the society right.”

10. (a) “Shaw’s plays are more about ideas than about action.” Elaborate. 10


(b) “Shaw’s protagonists are his mouth piece.” Do you agree ? Comment.

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