MA English - MA-II-123, Question Paper of Gujarat University



English (Subsidiary)


(Drama in English)
(New Course)

Time : 3 Hours
Max. Marks : 100

Instructions : (1) All questions are compulsory.
(2) All questions carry equal marks.

1. (a) Evaluate Oedipus Rex as a tragedy of fate.


(b) “Oedipus Rex reaffirms Sophocles’ faith in theocentric humanism.” Comment.

2. (a) Evaluate King Lear as a Shakespearean tragedy.


(b) Discuss Lear as a man more sinned against than sinning.

3. (a) “Ibsen’s Ghost is a critique of modern society.” Comment.


(b) “Mrs. Alving is a victim of patriarchal traditions and customs.” Justify.

4. (a) “A Street Car Named Desire is a precise depiction of the conflict between illusion and reality.” Comment.


(b) Write a detailed note on the technique of expressionism in A Street Car Named Desire.

5. (a) Examine Waiting For Godot as an absurd play.


(b) Bring out the element of menace while discussing the characters of Vladimir and Estragon in Waiting For Godot.

6. (a) “The Post Office reaffirms Tagore’s faith in the immortality of soul.” Comment.


(b) Bring out the appropriateness of the title The Post Office.

7. Arrange the given details (for each entry) in MLA style and then list them as “Works Cited”. (Please ignore unnecessary details and notice the missing ones.)

(1) a vindication of the rights of woman a book written by Mary (first name) Woolstonecraft (surname) ed. By Carol H. Poston. The book was published in 1975 by Norton Pub. at New York.
(2) book title : Where the wild things are by Maurice (first name) Sandak (surname) published in 1963.
(3) An article in a scholarly journal called Mosaic, Vol. no. 29 of 1996 p 91-109. The title of the article The Politics of culture Author Laurie (name) Vickery (surname)

8. Explain the following items/abbreviations in a line or two. (any five)

(1) rpt.
(2) et. al.
(3) ed.
(4) MLA
(5) PMLA
(6) sic.
(7) Plagiarism

9. Show your acquaintance with (any two)

(1) Richard II
(2) Agamemnon
(3) The Birthday Party
(4) Hayavadana

10. Show your acquaintance with (any two)

(1) Murder in the Cathedral
(2) St. Jone
(3) The Way of the World
(4) Swapnavasavdattm

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