Women’s Writing Question Papers of MA English - Gujarat University




Paper-VII – C
(Women’s Writing)

Time : 3 Hours
Max. Marks : 100

Instructions : (1) Attempt all questions.
(2) All questions carry equal marks.

1. (a) Show how the ‘Angel in the House’ image interferes with woman’s role as a creative writer.


(b) Evaluate ‘A Room of One’s Own’ as a feminist trend-setter.

2. (a) Gynocentric approach rejects both imitation and protest (of the feminist phase) and turns instead to female experience as the source of an autonomous identity. Substantiate.


(b) Discuss in detail the salient features of the Gynocentric critical approach to literature.

3. (a) “While Jane’s rejection of Rochester shows her independence, her acceptance of him shows her humanity.” Elaborate.


(b) With Jane Eyre women’s writing ushers in a new era of female protagonists.” Discuss.

4. (a) “Rhys places a marginal character at the centre and thus decentres an inherited narrative structure.” Discuss with reference to Wide Sargasso Sea.


(b) “Wide Sargasso Sea explores the helplessness of a woman under the patriarchal law of inheritance”. Comment.

5. (a) “Maggie chooses submission and sacrifice rather than revolt and personal fulfillment.” Comment.


(b) “The Mill on the Floss provides a compendium of handicaps imposed upon women.” Elaborate.

6. (a) “Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye exposes the beauty myth with all its complexities.” Discuss.


(b) Show how the narrative technique of The Bluest Eye assists in enfolding the subtle but poignant theme.

7. (a) “All female characters in The Fire on the Mountain suffer physically, emotionally and spiritually.” Comment.


(b) Evaluate Fire on the Mountain as a feminist novel.

8. (a) “Vasudha fails to care out her space in the patriarchal world, instead she ends up as an escapist.” Comment.


(b) Do you think that the solutions presented by Kundanika Kapadia to women are practical ? Give reasons for your answer.

9. Show your acquaintance with any two :

1. In search of Our Mothers’ Gardens.
2. Female Imagination.
3. Eco feminism.
4. The Second Sex

10. Show your acquaintance with any two :

1. The Yellow Wallpaper.
2. Radical Feminism.
3. Feminine, Feminist, female.
4. Woman’s Language.

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