Question Paper of MA English April 2007 - Drama in English, Gujarat University



English (Main)

Paper-V (Drama in English) (New Course)

Time : 3 Hours
Max. Marks : 100

Instructions : (1) All questions are compulsory.
(2) All questions carry equal marks.

1. (a) “God’s design in ambiguous, hidden and deceiving”. Elaborate the statement with special reference to Oedipus Rex.


(b) “Oedipus’ greatness is at once the source of his difficulties and of his heroic stature as saviour of Thebes”. Comment.

2. (a) “The final impression of King Lear is more that of a chaos than of a moral order”. Comment.


(b) Examine King Lear as an ideal Shakespearean tragedy.

3. (a) “Ibsen’s Ghost is a bitter comment on the complexities of human relationships”. Justify.


(b) “Mrs. Alving is a victim of patriarchal traditions and customs”. Comment.

4. (a) “Blanche Du Bois is the perfect embodiment of the American society’s impotence and sterility”. Discuss.


(b) “Tennessee Williams successfully disintegrates the American hypocrisy of beauty and success in A Street Car Named Desire”. Elaborate.

5. (a) “Waiting For Godot is a play about absurdity of modern life.” Do you agree ? Give reasons for your answer.


(b) Write a critical note on the dramatic technique in Waiting for Godot.

6. (a) The Post Office conveys an atmosphere of gentleness and peace. Comment.


(b) “The message of The Post Office is inspite of all the pathos and tragedy life is beautiful”. Illustrate.

7. Arrange the given details (for each entry) in MLA style and then list them as “Works cited”. (Please ignore unnecessary details and notice the missing ones)

(a) British women (Book title) by Paula (name) Feldman (surname) Baltimore, John Hopkins Publication 1997.
(b) Literary Scholarship (title of the article) Northrope Frye in Paula (title of the journal) N.Y. issue no 99 of 1984.
(c) What do Onions do ? (book title) by Richard (name) Freedman (surname) Basic publishers N.Y. 1984.

8. Explain the following items/abbreviations in a line or two (any five) :

(1) MLA
(2) Sic.
(3) Plagiarism
(4) PMLA
(5) nd
(6) rpt
(7) et al.

9. Show your acquaintance with any two of the following :

(1) Richard II
(2) The way of the world
(3) The Road
(4) The Cherry Orchard

10. Show your acquaintance with any two of the following :

(1) Hayavadana
(2) St. Jone
(3) Murder in the Cathedral
(4) Swapnavasavdattm

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