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Admission Notice 2009-10 - Jamia Millia Islamia

Jamia Millia Islamia
(A Central University by an Act of Parliament)

Admission Notice 2009-10


Faculty of Humanities & Languages

1. Ph.D. Arabic
2. M.A. (Arabic) Arabic
3. B.A. (Hons.) Arabic
4. Adv. Diploma in Mod. Arabic Lang. & Transl. Arabic
5. Diploma in Modern Arabic Lang. Arabic
6. Certificate in Modern Arabic Lang. Arabic
7. Ph.D. English
8. M.Phil. (English Lit.) English
9. M.A. (English) English
10. B.A. (Hons.) English English
11. Diploma in Translation Proficiency English
12. Certificate in Translation Proficiency English
13. Ph.D. Hindi
14. M.Phil. (Hindi) Hindi
15. M.A. (Hindi) Hindi
16. B.A. (Hons.) Hindi Hindi
17. B.A. (Hons.) Mass Media Writing Hindi Hindi
18. P.G.Diploma in Journalism (Print,Radio,TV & New Media Writing (Self-financing) Hindi
19. P.G.Diploma in T.V.Journalism (Self-Financing) Hindi
20. Ph.D. History
21. M.Phil. (History) History
22. M.A. (History) History
23 . B.A. (Hons.) History History
24. Ph.D. Isl. Studies
25. M.A. (Islamic Studies) Isl. Studies
26. B.A. (Hons.) Islamic Studies Isl. Studies
27. Ph.D. Persian
28. M.A. (Persian) Persian
29. B.A. (Hons.) Persian Persian
30. Adv. Diploma in Modern Persian Persian
31. Adv. Diploma in Pashto Language Persian
32. Adv. Diploma in Kazhaki Persian
33. Adv. Diploma in Turkemenian Persian
34. Diploma in Modern Persian Persian
35. Diploma in Kazhaki Persian
36. Diploma in Turkemenian Persian
37. Diploma in Pashto Language Persian
38. Certificate in Modern Persian Persian
39. Certificate in Kazhaki Persian
40. Certificate in Turkemenian Persian
41. Certificate in Pashto Language Persian
42. Ph.D. Urdu
43. M.Phil. (Urdu) Urdu
44. M.A. (Urdu) Urdu
45. B.A. (Hons.) Urdu Urdu
46. P.G. Diploma in Urdu Lang. Proficiency Urdu
47. P.G. Diploma in Urdu Mass Media Urdu
48. Diploma in Tourism & Travel Mgt. F/o of Hum. & Lang.
49. Certificate in Tourism & Travel Mgt. F/o of Hum. & Lang
50. Adv. Diploma in Turkish F/o of Hum. & Lang
51. Diploma in Turkish F/o of Hum. & Lang
52. Certificate in Turkish F/o of Hum. & Lang

Faculty of Social Sciences

53. B.A. F/o Soc. Scs.
54. Ph.D. Adult & CEE
55. M.A./ M.Sc (Extension Edu.) Adult & CEE
56. Ph.D. Commerce
57. M.Com. (Business Mgt.) Commerce
58. M.I.B. Commerce
59. B.Com. (Hons.) Commerce
60. B.B.S. Commerce
61. B.I.B.F. Commerce
62. Ph.D. Economics
63. M.A. (Economics) Economics
64. B.A. (Hons.) Economics Economics
65. B.A. with Comp. Appl. (B.A.C.A.) Economics
66. Ph.D. Pol. Science
67. M.A. (Political Science) Pol. Science
68. M.A. (Human Rights & Duties Edu.) Pol. Science
69. M.A. (Public Administration) Pol. Science
70. B.A. (Hons.) Political Science Pol. Science
71. P.G. Diploma in Human Rights & Duties Edu. Pol. Science
72. Ph.D. Psychology
73. M.A. ( Applied Psychology) Psychology
74. B.A. (Hons.) Psychology Psychology
75. Advanced Diploma in Counsel. Psychology Psychology
76. Ph.D. Social Work
77. M.A. (Social Work) Social Work
78. M.A. (Human Resource Mgt.) Social Work
79. B.A. (Hons.) Social Work Social Work
80. P.G. Diploma in Mgt. of NGOs. Social Work
81. Ph.D. Sociology
82. M.A. (Sociology) Sociology
83. B.A. (Hons.) Sociology Sociology
84. B.Lib. & Information Science Lib. & Info. Sc.

Faculty of Natural Sciences

85. B.Sc. F/o Nat. Sc.
86. Ph.D. Biosciences - - -
87. M.Sc. Biosciences Biosciences
88. M.Sc. Biochemistry (S.F.) Biosciences
89. B.Sc. Biosciences Biosciences
90. Ph.D. Biotechnology - - -
91. M.Sc. Biotechnology (S.F.) Biotechnology
92. B.Sc. Biotechnology Biotechnology
93. Ph.D. Chemistry
94. M.Sc. Chemistry Chemistry
95. B.Sc. (Hons.) Chemistry Chemistry
96. Ph.D. Comp. Sc.
97. M.Sc. Bioinformatics (S.F.) Comp. Sc.
98. M.C.A. Comp. Sc.
99. P.G. Diploma in Computer Applications Comp. Sc.
100. Ph.D. Geography
101. M.A./ M. Sc. Geography Geography
102. B.A./ B.Sc. (Hons.) Geography Geography
103. Advanced Diploma in Computer Assisted Cartography Geography
104. Advanced Diploma in Remote Sensing & GIS Applications Geography
105. Ph.D. Mathematics
106. M.Sc.Tech. (Industrial Math. With Computer Application) (SF) Mathematics
107. M.A./ M.Sc. Math. With Computer Science Mathematics
108. M.A./ M. Sc. Mathematics (Eve.) Mathematics
109. B.Sc. (Hons.) Mathematics Mathematics
110. B.A. (Hons.) Mathematics Mathematics
111. Ph.D. Physics
112. M.Tech. (Nanotechnology) (SF) Physics
113. M.Sc. Physics Physics
114. B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics Physics
115. B.Sc. Instrumentation (Voc.) Physics

Faculty of Education

116. Ph.D. Edl. Studies
117. M.Phil. in Education Edl. Studies
118. M.A. (Edl. Planning & Admin.) Edl. Studies
119. M.Ed. Edl. Studies
120. M.Ed. (Elementary Education) Edl. Studies
121. P.G. Diploma in Edl. Mgt. (S-F) Edl. Studies
123. M.A. (Education) TTNFE-IASE
124. M.Ed. (Special Education) TTNFE-IASE
126. B.Ed. (Nursery Education) TTNFE-IASE
127. B.Ed. (Special Education) TTNFE-IASE
128. Diploma in ETE TTNFE-IASE

Faculty of Engineering & Technology

129. Ph.D. ( Civil / Electrical / Mechanical / Electronics & Communication / Computer Engg. / Applied Sc. & Humanities
130. M.Sc. Electronics Applied Science & Humanities Respective Departments
131. M.Tech. in Environmental Science & Engineering (Part-time) Civil Engineering
132. B.Tech. (Civil/Mechanical/Electrical/Electronics & Communication/ Computer) F/o Engg. & Tech.
133. B.E. (Civil/Mech./Elect./ Electronics & Communication/Computer) (Evening) F/o Engg. & Tech.
134 M.B.A. (Evening) F/o Engg. & Tech.
135. M.Tech.(Electrical Power System & Management) Electrical Engg.
136. M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering (Machine Design, Thermal Engg., Production and Industrial Engg.) Mechanical Engineering

Jamia Polytechnic

139. Ph.D. Law
140. LL.M Law
141. B.A. LL.B (Hons.)

Faculty of Architecture & Ekistics

142. Ph.D. Architecture Architecture
143. M. Arch. (Pedagogy/Medical Architecture /Building Services/Recrational Architecture
144. M. Ekistics Architecture
145. B. Arch. Architecture
146. B. Arch. (Self-Financing) Architecture

Faculty of Fine Arts

147. Ph.D. in Art History Art History & Art Appreciation
148. M.Phil in Art History Art History & Art Appreciation
149. MFA Painting/Sculpture/Applied Art Fine Arts
150. MFA Art Education/Graphic Art/Art History Fine Arts
151. BFA Applied Art Applied Art
152. BFA Painting Painting
153. BFA Sculpture Sculpture
154. BFA Art Education Art Education
155. Certificate Course in Commercial Art/ Applied Art Photography / Calligraphy (Urdu, Hindi, English)
156. Certificate Course in Painting Painting
157. Certificate & Diploma Course in Sculpture Sculpture
158. Certificate Course in Pottery Art Education
159. Certificate Course in Art Appreciation Art History & Art Appreciation
160. Certificate Course in Print Making Graphic Art

A.J. Kidwai Mass Communication Research Centre

161. Ph.D. AJK-MCRC
162 M.A. in Mass Communication AJK-MCRC
163. M.A. in Convergent Journalism AJK-MCRC
164. P.G. Diploma in Development Communication AJK-MCRC
165. P.G. Diploma in Broadcast Syst.Maintenance AJK-MCRC
166. P.G. Diploma in Still Photography & Visual Communication AJK-MCRC
167. P.G. Diploma in Graphics & Animation AJK-MCRC

M.M. Ali Johar Academy of Third World Studies

168. Ph.D. MMAJ-ATWS
169. M.Phil. MMAJ-ATWS
170. Diploma in Uzbek MMAJ-ATWS
171. Certificate in Uzbek MMAJ-ATWS
172. Certificate in Kyrgyz MMAJ-ATWS

Centre for Management Studies

173 Ph.D. CMS
174. M.B.A. (Full-Time) CMS

Centre for Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Sciences

175. Bachelor of Physiotherapy CPRS

Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Basic Science

176. Ph.D. CIRBS

Nelson Mandela Centre for Peace & Conflict Resolution

177. Ph.D. (Peace & Conflict Studies) NM-CPCR
178. M.A. in Conflict Analysis & Peace Building NM-CPCR

Centre for the Study of Comparative Religions & Civilisations

179. Ph.D. CSCRC
180. M.Phil. CSCRC
181. M.A. in Comparative Religions CSCRC

Dr. K.R. Narayanan Centre for Dalit & Minorities Studies

182. Ph.D. KRN-CDMS
183. M.A. in Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy KRN-CDMS
184. P.G. Diploma in Dalit & Minorities Studies KRN-CDMS

Centre for Spanish & Latin American Studies

185. Adv. Diploma in Spanish CSLAS
186. Adv. Diploma in Portuguese CSLAS
187. Adv. Diploma in French CSLAS
188. Adv. Diploma in Russian CSLAS
189. Adv. Diploma in Italian CSLAS
190. Diploma in Spanish CSLAS
191. Diploma in Portuguese CSLAS
192. Diploma in French CSLAS
193. Diploma in Russian CSLAS
194. Diploma in Italian CSLAS
195. Certificate in Spanish CSLAS
196. Certificate in Portuguese CSLAS
197. Certificate in French CSLAS
198. Certificate in Russian CSLAS
199. Certificate in Italian CSLAS

Centre for West Asian Studies

200. Ph.D. CWAS
201. M.Phil CWAS

Centre for Jawahar Lal Nehru Studies

202. Ph.D. CJNS
203. M.Phil CJNS

Centre for Culture, Media & Governance

204. Ph.D. CCMG
205. M.A. in Media Governance CCMG

How to obtain Application Forms :

1. Candidates seeking admission to any course (except Ph.D. programme) at Jamia Millia Islamia during the academic session 2009-2010 may obtain the prescribed Application Form along with the Prospectus from the University Counter at Jamia Millia Islamia on cash payment (Inclusive of Entrance Test fee) as shown in Table-I (under the column Application Fee). (See Prospectus)

2. The application form may also be downloaded from the Jamia's website at and submitted along with the prescribed fee as mentioned above. (See Prospectus)

3. The Application Form and Prospectus may also be obtained through post by sending crossed Demand Draft of an amount as shown in Table-I (under the column Application Fee) drawn in favour of "Jamia Millia Islamia" payable at Delhi/ New Delhi along with a self-addressed envelop of 30x25 c.m. size affixing postage stamps worth Rs.150/- clearly indicating the name of the course for which the Application Form is required. The request for sending a set of Application Form and prospectus should be addressed to the Registrar, Jamia Millia Islamia, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi - 110025.

4. The cost of Prospectus along with the Application Form for each course includes the Entrance Test Fee. No other fee is required to be submitted at the time of submission of the Application Form.

Click here to download Prospectus (For How To Apply, Important dates, eligibility & Other details etc.)

For Admission Forms Visit:

For more details, visit:


  1. I want to know about the syllabus of certificate courses of latin american language, it is not published any where on website of jamia.


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