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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Admission Notice For Post Graduate Courses - 2015

Christain Medical College, 
Ludhiana, Punjab

PG 2015 Medical - MD/Ms/PG Diploma and Dental - MDS

Applications are invited for the admission of Post Graduate Courses 2015

The prospectus and application forms for the 2015 Postgraduate courses are available from the website till 3rd January 2015.

Completed application form and requisite fee must be sent to:

'The Registrar, Christian Medical College,
Ludhiana- 141008'

Submission of applications before 5th January, 2015

Admission Test will be conducted on 25th January, 2015

For more details, visit:

Computer Graphics And Multimedia Applications - Question Paper of BCA 3rd Year April 2013 - Panjab University

Panjab University Chandigarh

Computer Graphics And Multimedia Applications

Paper : BCA 3rd Year
Time : 3 Hrs.
M. Marks : 90

Note : Attempt five questions in all. select one question each from Sections A-D. Section E is compulsory.

Section - A

1. (a) What are the novel applications of Computer Graphics in the field of entertainment ? List down. 6
(b) What is Image Processing ? How is Computer Graphics useful in image processing ? Discuss briefly. 6
(c) What is Visualization ? What are the various areas of its applications ? Brief out. 6

2. (a) Differentiate between raster and random scan system. 6
(b) Discuss the general working of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. 6
(c) What are the main components of a CRT monitor ? Show with a neat diagram. 6

Section - B

3. (a) What are the main steps to create a new drawing Auto CAD ? Describe. 9
(b) Discuss usage of following tools in Paint Brush :
(i) Airbrush 3
(ii) Pencil 3
(iii) Text 3

4. (a) Write a program in C to draw a car. The program should include relevant comment lines and indention. 9
(b) Discuss various functions of C used for setting character and text attributes. Give short examples with appropriate syntax. 9

Section - C

5. (a) What is Multimedia ? What are the major components of multimedia system ? Describe. 9
(b) why and how do you incorporate still graphics in multimedia applications ? What are the sources to acquire still graphics ? Discuss. 9

6. (a) In what ways digital audio is edited to make it suitable for multimedia application ? Describe. 9
(b) What do you meam by multimedia communication ? How can it be carried out effectively ? Discuss. 9

Section - D

7. (a) How can multimedia bring revolution in the field of education and training ? Describe. 18
(b) What are various selection tools in Photoshop ? How are they used ? Discuss. 9

8. (a) What do you mean by image processing ? What all steps are included in it ? Discuss with a diagram. 9
(b) Discuss following in Macromedia Director :
(i) Adding behavior  3
(ii) Creating cast members  3
(iii) Omporting sound  3

Section - E

9. (a) What do you mean by Graphical User Interface ?
(b) List down any two special characteristics of LCD systems.
(c) Discuss Arc command of Auto CAD.
(d) Which header files do you include in a C graphics program.
(e) What is interactivity in context of multimedia ?
(f) what is sampling frequency ?
(g) list file formats supported by Macromedia Director.
(h) What is layer in Photoshop ?
(i) Mention the syntax of C function for drawing a rectangle.   9*2=18

Data Communications And Networks - Question Paper of BCA 3rd Year April 2013 - Panjab University

Panjab University Chandigarh

Data Communications And Networks

Paper : BCA 3rd Year
Time : 3 Hrs.
M. Marks : 90

Note : Attempt five questions in all. select one question each from Sections A-D. Section E is compulsory.

 Section - A

1. (a) Differentiate between OSI and TCP/IP Reference models.
(b) Explain the concept of multiplexing. Discuss various types of multiplexing. 9

2. (a) Differentiate between packet switching and circuit switching. Which one is better ? 6
(b) How optical fibers are useful over twisted pair cables ? 6
(c) Discuss bus, star and ring topologies along with their advantages and disadvantages. 6

Section - B

3. (a) Discuss Hamming distance code with example.
(b) How sliding window protocols are useful in flow chart ? Discuss Go-Back-n and selective repeat with neat diagram. 9

4. (a) Discuss IEEE 802.4 standard in detail. 12
(b) Discuss design issues of data link layer. 6

Section - C

5. (a) Discuss various characteristics of Routing Algorithm. Also discuss optimality principles. 9
(b) Discuss how leaky bucket algorithm is useful in controlling the congestion. 9

6. (a) Discuss reverse path forwarding technique of broadcast routing in detail. 9
(b) Discuss the concept of flooding. How flooding is useful over other routing techniques ? 9

Section - D

7. (a) What is Cryptography ? Discuss substitution ciphers and transposition ciphers in detail with example. 8
(b) Discuss audio comperssion in detail. 8

8. (a) Discuss the architecture of World Wide Web. 8
(b) Discuss Remote Login and File Transfer in detail. 10

Section - E

9. (a) What is ISDN ? Discuss in brief. 3
(b) Discuss the concept of modulation ? 3
(c) Discuss dynamic channel allocation in brief. 3
(d) Differentiate between Flow Control and Congestion Control. 3
(e) Discuss the components of an E-mail system. 3
(f) Discuss the concept behind token bus standard. 3

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