Computer Graphics And Multimedia Applications - Question Paper of BCA 3rd Year April 2013 - Panjab University

Panjab University Chandigarh

Computer Graphics And Multimedia Applications

Paper : BCA 3rd Year
Time : 3 Hrs.
M. Marks : 90

Note : Attempt five questions in all. select one question each from Sections A-D. Section E is compulsory.

Section - A

1. (a) What are the novel applications of Computer Graphics in the field of entertainment ? List down. 6
(b) What is Image Processing ? How is Computer Graphics useful in image processing ? Discuss briefly. 6
(c) What is Visualization ? What are the various areas of its applications ? Brief out. 6

2. (a) Differentiate between raster and random scan system. 6
(b) Discuss the general working of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. 6
(c) What are the main components of a CRT monitor ? Show with a neat diagram. 6

Section - B

3. (a) What are the main steps to create a new drawing Auto CAD ? Describe. 9
(b) Discuss usage of following tools in Paint Brush :
(i) Airbrush 3
(ii) Pencil 3
(iii) Text 3

4. (a) Write a program in C to draw a car. The program should include relevant comment lines and indention. 9
(b) Discuss various functions of C used for setting character and text attributes. Give short examples with appropriate syntax. 9

Section - C

5. (a) What is Multimedia ? What are the major components of multimedia system ? Describe. 9
(b) why and how do you incorporate still graphics in multimedia applications ? What are the sources to acquire still graphics ? Discuss. 9

6. (a) In what ways digital audio is edited to make it suitable for multimedia application ? Describe. 9
(b) What do you meam by multimedia communication ? How can it be carried out effectively ? Discuss. 9

Section - D

7. (a) How can multimedia bring revolution in the field of education and training ? Describe. 18
(b) What are various selection tools in Photoshop ? How are they used ? Discuss. 9

8. (a) What do you mean by image processing ? What all steps are included in it ? Discuss with a diagram. 9
(b) Discuss following in Macromedia Director :
(i) Adding behavior  3
(ii) Creating cast members  3
(iii) Omporting sound  3

Section - E

9. (a) What do you mean by Graphical User Interface ?
(b) List down any two special characteristics of LCD systems.
(c) Discuss Arc command of Auto CAD.
(d) Which header files do you include in a C graphics program.
(e) What is interactivity in context of multimedia ?
(f) what is sampling frequency ?
(g) list file formats supported by Macromedia Director.
(h) What is layer in Photoshop ?
(i) Mention the syntax of C function for drawing a rectangle.   9*2=18

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