PSEB - 10th Punjab History & Culture Paper B - Question Paper (Model Test Paper)

Model Test Paper
Class: 10th (Matriculation)
Subject: - Punjab History & culture
Paper: B
Semester: First

Marks: 50
Internal Assessment: 25
Time: 3 Hours
Total Marks: 75


• There are 20 questions in all. All the questions are compulsory.
• Question No. 1 to 10 carry one mark each. Answer to each question should be in about 10-15 words.
• Question No. 11 to 15 carry 2 marks each. Answer to each question should be in 20-25 words.
• Question No. 16 to 19 carry 5 marks each. Answer to each question should be in 75-80 words.
• Question No. 20 carry 10 marks. There will be 100% choice in this question.

Answer to this question should be in about 250-300 words.

Q:-1) Who was Sobha Singh? 1
Q:-2) What was the name of Amrita Shergil’s father? 1
Q:-3) Write the name of a famous Epic of Bhai Veer Singh? 1
Q:-4) Write the names of two famous poems written by Amrita Pritam? 1
Q:-5) When and where was Bhai Veer Singh born? 1
Q:-6) Write the names of two popular folk dances of Punjab? 1
Q:-7) How many players are there in the game of Kho-Kho? 1
Q:-8) Who is named as the ‘King of Tumbi’ in Punjab? 1
Q:-9) When was World Kabbadi Cup held in Punjab? 1
Q:-10) In which month the ‘Festival of Teez’ is celebrated? 1
Q:-11) Which painting of Sobha Singh is named as ‘Master Piece’? Write the name of a popular painting also? 2
Q:-12) Which two awards did Amrita Pritam get in literature? 2
Q:-13) In which gallery the artistic creations of Amrita Shergil’s have been placed? 2
Q:-14) How the relations between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are presented in folk dances? 2
Q:-15) Write the names of four popular games in Punjab? 2
Q:-16) Describe Bhai Veer Singh as a ‘Poet of Nature’? 5
Q:-17) Write a brief note on Sobha Singh? 5
Q:-18) Write a brief note on Wrestling? 5
Q:-19) Write a note on ‘Jago’ celebrated on the occasion of marriage? 5
Q:-20) Describe about Amrita Pritam’s contribution in literature 10


Write a note in detail on music and dance in Punjab?

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