PSEB - 10th Class - Punjab History & Culture Question Paper

Model Test Paper
Class: 10th (Matriculation)
Subject: - Punjab History & Culture
Paper: A
Semester: First

Marks: 50
Internal Assessment: 25
Time: 3 Hours
Total Marks: 75


• There are 20 questions in all. All the questions are compulsory.
• Question No. 1 to 10 carry one mark each. Answer to each question should be in about 10-15 words.
• Question No. 11 to 15 carry 2 marks each. Answer to each question should be in about 20-25 words.
• Question No .16 to 19 carry 5 marks each. Answer to each question should be in about 75-80 words.
• Question No. 20 carry 10 marks. There will be 100% choice in this question.

Answer to this question should be in about 250-300 words.

Q:-1) What was the early name of Banda Bahadur? 1
Q:-2) Who established the Sikh-State in Punjab? 1
Q:-3) What is difference between Tat khalsa and Ban dai khalsa? 1
Q:-4) Who was the contemporary Mughal emperor of Banda Bahadur? 1
Q:-5) Coins of which names were issued by Banda Bah adur? 1
Q:-6) When and where Dal khalsa was established? 1
Q:-7) What do you mean by Sarbat khalsa? 1
Q:-8) Write the meaning of word ‘Misl’. Write the number of Misls also? 1
Q:-9) How was the Ramgarhia Misl Named? 1
Q:-10) What was the main source of income of Misls? 1
Q:-11) Write briefly about the battle of Lohgarh? 2
Q:-12) What was the two main causes of failure of Banda Bahadur? 2
Q:-13) What was the two main features of mode of fighting of Dal khalsa? 2
Q:-14) What do you know about Taruna Dal and Buddha Dal? 2
Q:-15) Who was Nabab Kapur Singh? 2
Q:-16) Mention the achievements of Banda Bahadur as an administrator? 5
Q:-17) Write a note about the life of Banda Bahadur? 5
Q:-18) Write a note on the effects mode of Gorilla Warfare? 5
Q:-19) What do you know about Rakhi-system? Explain it? 5
Q:-20) Describe about the military exploits of Band a Bahadur? 10


Write about the causes of establishment of Dal khalsa and its effect on the history of Punjab?

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