Chemistry Question Papers for VITEEE 2013

Chemistry Question Papers

1. With increasing quantum number, the energy difference between adjacent energy levels in H-atom (as per Bohr’s Model)

A) increases B) decreases C) remains constant D) cannot be determined

2. One of the elements below has all its electrons spin paired, identify it

A) O B) Cl C) N D) Ne

3. Which of the following is an effective reducing agent?

A) H2O B) H2S C) H2Te D) H2Se

4. Among the following the one that is ferromagnetic?

A) CrO2 B) Fe3O4 C) MgFe2O4 D) MgCr2O4

5. The IUPAC name of [CuCl2{O=C(NH2)2}2] is

A) dichloridobis(urea)copper(II) B) bis(urea)dichloridocopper(II)
C) dichloridobis(ureaido)copper(II) D) bis(ureaido)dichloridocopper(II)

6. The coordination geometry around magnesium ion and the size of any one of the corresponding chelate rings present in a molecule of chlorophyll are, respectively

A) tetrahedral and six membered B) tetrahedral and five membered
C) square planar and six membered D) square planar and five membered

7. For a reaction A B + C, initial concentration of A is 0.1M. After t = 10 min, the concentration of A becomes 0.01M. The numerical value of rate constant of the reaction is 9. What is the order of the reaction?

A) Zero order B) First order C) Second order D) Third order

8. In the Hydrogen-Oxygen fuel cell, which of the following overall reaction takes place?
A) 2H2(g) + O2(g) 2H2O(l) B) 2H2(g) + O2(g) 2H2O(g)
C) 2H2(l) + O2(l) 2H2O(s) D) 2H2(l) + O2(l) 2H2O(l)

9. Shape of Carbanion CH3 is

A) Linear B) Bent C) Pyramidal D) Tetrahedral

10. Lower boiling point of ethers in comparison to those of alcohols of comparable molecular masses is due to

A) polarity of ether B) dipole moment of ether
C) absence of extensive hydrogen bonding D) both A and B


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