Biology Sample Question Papers for VITEEE 2013

Biology Sample Question Papers

1. Binomial nomenclature was given by

A) Lamarck B) Linnaeus C) Darwin D) Tijo and Levan

2. What is the scientific rationale behind Lamarckism?

A) Germplasm theory B) Mutation theory

C) Natural selection D) use and disuse of organs

3. Single membrane bound organelles present in the cell which contain a number of hydrolytic enzymes are called

A) Lysosomes B) Phagosomes C) Mesosomes D) Peroxisomes

4. Lampbrush chromosomes are seen in

A) Prophase B) Mitotic metaphase C) Mitosis D) Meiotic prophase

5. In nature, cleistogamous flowers are

A) Self-pollinated B) Insect-pollinated C) Wind pollinated D) Bird pollinated

6. Which of the following is the odd category among worms?

A) Taenia solium B) Ascaris lumbricoides C) Fasciola hepatica D) Planaria

7. Which of the following disease-causing microbe is NOT transmitted by fecal-oral route?

A) Polio virus B) Hepatitis B virus C) Vibrio cholerae D) E.coli

8. Cholesterol is a

A) derived lipid B) phospholipid C) glycolipid D) simple lipid

9. In grasslands, ergot feeds by following grazing cows. Cow during grazing exposes insects from grasses to ergots. This is an example of

A) Ammensalism B) Commensalism C) Mutualism D) Parasitism

10. Which one of the following algae is used for production of agar agar?

A) Acetabularia B) Macroalgae C) Gelidium D) Rhodoymenia


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