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National Aptitude Test in Architecture

NATA Practice Papers

NATA sample papers can be download from the official website of NATA. If you are preparing for exam then you can found online demo NATA papers by visiting National Aptitude Test in Architecture official website

Some of important questions are below

Q1: In a Square Based Pyramid there are how many vertices? Choose the correct option.


a. 8 b. 7
c. 5 d. 6

Q2: Texture of Bathroom floor should be


a. Rough b. Shiny
c. Smooth d. Non Slippery

Q3: Communication dishes and antennae are generally placed on high towers and buildings


a. to increase height of towers. b. to facilitate uninterrupted signal exchange at that high level.
c. to improve the look of the towers. d. because only high buildings can accomodate them.

Q4:A hotel can house only 12 rooms on each floor.If 80 rooms are to be provided, how many floors would be required?


a. 12 b. 8
c. 7 d. 6

Q5: Which of the following word or phrase is most nearly same to the word GUESS?


a. Basis b. Estimation
c. Study d. Analysis

Q6: Which of the following word or phrase is most nearly same to the word HIDDEN?


a. Dark b. Concealed
c. Internal d. Interior

Q8: Which of the Following Mix results into Orange Colour?


a. Blue and Yellow b. Red and Yellow
c. Red and Green d. Violet and Red

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