MCQ - General Ability Test, Quantitative, General Knowledge, Reasoning, English Comprehension

MCQ - General Ability Test, Quantitative, General Knowledge Reasoning, English Comprehension

For Common Entrance Test - SNDT Women University

Sample Question Paper - General Ability Test

Section - 1

General Ability Test

Question 1 - A

Communication Skill :

1) The Japanese had to surrender _________ the Allies.

A) Of B) from C) in D) to.

2) He disposed ____________ all his furniture.

A) off B) of C) out D) in.

3) Bear with means

A) to confirm B) to approach C) to tolerate D) to cancel.

4) Call off means

A) to cancel B) visit a person C) phone someone D) recollect.

5) The police tried to _______ the agitated mob, but in vain.

A) obtrude B) pacify C) raze D) beat.

6) When I returned from my tour, I found that thieves had _______ my house.

A) painted B) ridiculed C) ransacked D) refused.

7) A man who has too much enthusiasm for his own religion and hates other religions is :

A) saint B) fanatic C) fraud D) philogynist.

8) One who makes a scholarly study of things of the past______ .

A) Antiquarian B) Arien C) Anthropologist D) Arbitrator.

9) Opposite of Austere is :

A) Soft B) Harsh C) true D) false.

10) Synonyms of Earnest is:

A) serious B) fair C) unfair D) illusion.

Mark the underlined part that has an error or mark no error.

11) Like (A) all other (B) mammals (C) dolphins have (D) lungs. No error. (E)

A) B) C) D) E)

12) Only about (A) 15 percent (B) of public undertakings (C) actually (D) do a profit. No error (E).

A) B) C) D) E)

Question 1 - B


1) 3, 5, 7, 12, 17, 19 Find the odd man out.

A) 19 B) 17 C) 13 D) 12

2) 10, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 26 find the odd man out.

A) 26 B) 24 C) 21 D) 18

3) How many times in a day, the hands of a clock are straight?

A) 22 B) 24 C) 44 D) 48

4) In a 200 meters race A beats B by 35 m. or 7 seconds. A’s time over the course is:

A) 40 sec. B) 47 sec C) 33 sec. D) None of these

5) The capacity of a tank of dimensions (8 m x 6 m x 2.5 m) is:

A) 120 litres B) 1200 litres C) 12000 litres D) 120000 litres.

6) What is the present worth of Rs.132 due in 2 years at 5% simple interest per annum?

A) Rs.112 B)Rs. 118.80 C) Rs.120 D) Rs.122.

7) A man can row upstream at 8 kmph and downstream at 13 km/hr. The speed of the stream is:

A) 2.5km/hr B) 4.2 km/hr C) 5 km/hr D) 10.5 km/hr.

8) A train moves with a speed of 108 kmph. Its speed in metres per second is:

A) 10.8 B) 18 C) 30 D) 38.8

9) In 10 years, A will be twice as old as B was 10 years ago. If A is now 9 years older than B, the present age of B is:

A) 19 years B) 29 years C) 39 years D) 49 years.

10) The average of first five multiples of 3 is:

A) 3 B) 9 C) 12 D) 15

Question 1 – C

English Comprehension:

For children too there is no greater instrument of education than the conversation they hear at home. It is unjust to them when nothing is spoken before them but the trifles of dress, the gossip of the neighborhood, the cares of the household which press too heavily upon the parents, the follies and vanities of the world, which are hardly apprehended by their innocent minds. They are naturally initiative, and a great part of their character is derived from their parents. If there is no life or mirth in a house, the children of the house will be commonly dull and stupid; and if they never hear subjects rationally discussed, they will not learn to think or reason; if the world in which we live is allowed to pass unheeded by, they will be without interest, listless and unobservant. This home education which they acquire insensibly is as important as the more formal work of the school, and it is as much our duty to provide food for their minds as for their bodies. They do not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth.

1) What sort of conversation does the author think good for the children?

A) Trifles of dress. B) Irrational talks. C) Vanities of the world. D) Subjects rationally discussed.

2) Why does the author think that children may become dull & stupid?
A) They don’t play. B) They watch TV. C) Due to lack of life in house. D) Due to education.

3) What conversation helps children to think and reason?

A) Rational B) Irrational. C) Dull. D) Spiritual.

4) What should parents do to prevent children becoming “without interest, listless and unobservant”?

A) Should play with them. B) Should not allowed the ‘world to pass unheeded by. C) Should take interest in them. D) Should take care of them.

5) What is the difference between the education children get at home and the education they get at school?

A) There is no difference. B) School education is more good. C) They learn to think and reason at home. D) They learn sensibly at school only.

Section - 2

Material Ability Test

Question 2 – A

General Knowledge

1) How many spokes are there on Ashok Chakra?

A) 30 B) 25 C) 24 D) 8.

2) Which is national animal of India?

A) Tiger B) Lion C) Panther D) Elephant.

3) Who is the first Indian woman to win the Nobel prize

A) Lata Mangeshkar B) Kiran Bedi C) Mother Teresa D) None

4) Who is the C.E.O. of ICICI bank?

A) K. V. Kamath B) Usha Narayanan C) Anil Ambani D) Vijay Dhoot.

5) Social worker Baba Amte is known for ……..

A) Environment B) Anandwon C) Sevagram D) Gyanpeeth.

6) Who is the seeded golf player of India ?

A) Jyoti Siydar B) Jyoti Randhava C) P.T. Usha D) Ratna K.

7) Which country is the highest producer of gold?

A) India B) China C) South Africa D) Brazil

8) Which project is regarded as danger for country’s safety?

A) Nuclear B) Setusamudram C) Wagha Border D) Foreign investment.

9) Which state is called state of rising sun?

A) Bhutan B) Nagaland C) Manipur D) Arunachal Pradesh.

10) When did micro financing start in India?

A) 1987 B) 1947 C) 1970 D) 2007.

Question 2 - B


1) Forecast: Future : Regret: ?

A) Present B) Atone C) Past D) Sins

2) Fossils: Creatures : : Mummies: ?

A) Egypt B). Human being C). Animals D). Martyrs.

Choose the word which is least like the other words in the group.

3) A) Bardoli B). Bhadravati C). Porbandar D). Champaran.

4) A) Tiger B) Lion C) Fox D) Leopard E) Panther.

5) Choose the missing term out of alternatives

Y, W, U, S, Q, ?, ?

A) N, J B) M, L C) J, R D) L, M E) O, M

6) If CHARCOL is codes as 45164913 and MORALE is codes as 296137 how are the following words coded?

A) 8519 B) 6713 C) 6513 D) 6719

ii) Coller

A) 397758 B) 497758 C) 483359 D) 493376

7) Anil introduces Rohit as the son of the only brother of his father’s wife. How is Rohit related to Anil?

A) Cousin B) Son C) Uncle D) Brother


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