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Download Assignments Papers - Pt. Sunderlal Sharma (Open) University

Pt. Sunderlal Sharma (Open) University, CG, Bilaspur

Download Assignments Papers

Are you a student of Pt. Sunderlal Sharma (Open) University ? and looking for assignment papers then you can download assignments of the following subjects by visiting official website of University.

M.A. Previous (Economics)
M.A. Previous (English)
M.A. Previous (Hindi Literature)
M.A. Previous (History)
M.A./M.Sc. Previous (Math's) I, II & III, IV Papers
M.A. Previous (Political Science)
M.A. Previous (Sanskrit)
M.A. Previous (Sociology)
B.Lib. & I.Sc.
B.A.Previous year
B.Com. Previous year
B.Sc. Previous (Bio Group)
B.Sc. Final (Bio Group)
M.A. Final (Economics)
M.A. Final (English)
M.A. Final (Hindi Literature)
M.A. Final (History)
M.A./M.Sc. Final (Math's) I, II & III, IV Papers
M.A. Final (Political Science)
M.A. Final (Sanskrit)
M.A. Final (Sociology)
B.A. Final year
B.Com. Final year
B.Sc. Previous (Maths Group)
B.Sc. Final (Maths Group)

To download assignments, visit: www.pssou.ac.in/assignment.htm


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