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Ph.D. in Computer Science Why, How and From Where

Presentation - Ph.D. in Computer Science Why, How and From Where

Anup Gangwar

(Montalvo Computer Systems)

Why get a Ph.D.: Personal reasons

Academic career
Research career (whatever that means)
Top $ (not necessarily)
Want to be a high-tech entrepreneur (Strand Genomics, Google, Viaweb, Junglee, Cirrus Logic etc.)
Want to become an expert in a field
Ph.D. is highly regarded, I will be treated like a god (not necessarily)

Why get a Ph.D.: What to expect

Expertise in your chosen area
Invaluable training at solving unsolved problems
You will know your limits (intelligence, perseverance etc.)
Learn to cope with back-edges in work and life
More career choices
Develop good presentation and writing skills
Have a lot of fun in the process

What is needed to get a Ph.D.

Not all Ph.D.'s are brilliant and not all brilliant people have a Ph.D.
Perseverance is the key, intelligence does not hurt
Build on your strengths and work on your weaknesses (industry never pays you for the latter)
Enjoy what you are doing: work hard, enjoyment will come auto-magically
Develop a thick skin :)

Where to get a Ph.D. from?

Does choice of place matter: It does to a certain extent
Do highly established research groups help:
You easily become part of the pipeline and graduate in a reasonable time
In house tools and methodologies are available
Easy to get papers accepted but no flexibility to move around
Groping in the dark phase is minimal, problem is already well defined, at the end you may not be able to answer well, why you are doing what you are doing
Chose a place which you are comfortable with or have heard good things about, other problems are solvable

Get a Ph.D. from India?

Ph.D. from IITD CSE


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