Saturday, October 3, 2009

Manjit Singh

PTU BCA 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th Semester Proposed Date Sheet December 2009


Date ----Session---- Sem----- Sub Code---- Subject

1st Semester

08/12/2009 MORNING 1ST BC-103 Basic Accounting
10/12/2009 MORNING 1ST BC-104 Programming in C
12/12/2009 MORNING 1ST BC-101 Information Technology
15/12/2009 MORNING 1ST BC-102 Mathematics (Bridge Course)

2nd Semester

17/12/2009 MORNING 2ND BC-204 Data Structures
19/12/2009 MORNING 2ND BC-205 Digital Ckt. & Logic Design
22/12/2009 MORNING 2ND BC-201 Principles of Management
28/12/2009 MORNING 2ND BC-202 System Analysis & Design
30/12/2009 MORNING 2ND BC-203 Mathematics -I (Discrete)

3rd Semester

09/12/2009 EVENING 3RD BC-301 Mathematics – II (Computer Oriented)
11/12/2009 EVENING 3RD BC-403 Computer System Architecture
14/12/2009 EVENING 3RD BC-302 Management Information System
16/12/2009 EVENING 3RD BC-303 Software Engineering
18/12/2009 EVENING 3RD BC-304 Object oriented Programming Using C++
21/12/2009 EVENING 3RD BC-305 Introduction To Microprocessor

4th Semester

17/12/2009 EVENING 4TH BC-301 Mathematics – II (Computer Oriented)
19/12/2009 EVENING 4TH BC-404 Operating System
22/12/2009 EVENING 4TH BC-401 Computer Networks
28/12/2009 EVENING 4TH BC-402 Data Base Management System
30/12/2009 EVENING 4TH BC-403 Computer System Architecture

5th Semester

08/12/2009 EVENING 5TH BC-501 Introduction To Internet & Java
10/12/2009 EVENING 5TH BC-502 System Software
12/12/2009 EVENING 5TH BC-503 Computer Graphics
15/12/2009 EVENING 5TH BC-504 Operation Research

6th Semester

09/12/2009 MORNING 6TH BC-601 Artificial Intelligence
11/12/2009 MORNING 6TH BC-602 Handling Operating Systems

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