Thursday, October 2, 2008

HARTRON - Jobs & Careers


Hartron (Haryana State Electronics Development Corporation) is acting as a Placement Organization for IT Professionals in the State of Haryana. These professionals are being recruited by Hartron and are provided to the user organization on contract basis. The duration of such contract is minimum one year. For getting the right kind of manpower for various prestigious projects of the State Government, Hartron is always in a hunt for the quality professionals. The professionals are recruited through open advertisements, resumes sent to Hartron, campus interviews etc. More than 100 software professionals have been placed with various State Government Organizations by Hartron, who are providing IT services on the niche areas like Web-enabled applications, software development using Visual Basic, Oracle, SQL Server, D2K, Java, Perl, CGI etc. Hartron is planning to extend these services for the global market.

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