Friday, September 19, 2008

Question Paper for Programming In C of BCA 1st Semester of Punjab Technical University

Paper ID [A0204]
(Please fill this Paper ID in OMR Sheet)
BCA (104) (S05 / Old) (Sem. - 1st)


Time : 03 Hours
Maximum Marks : 75

Instruction to Candidates:
1) Section - A is Compulsory.
2) Attempt any Nine questions from Section - B.

Section - A (15 × 2 = 30)


a) What are self -referential structures?

b) What are 2 searching techniques?

c) What are user defined data types?

d) What are the applications of C programming?

e) What are pointers?

f) What do you mean by identifier and keywords.

g) What are library functions?

h) What is the purpose of gets & puts functions?

i) What is the difference between pre increment and post increment operators?

j) What are different data types in C?

k) What are nested loops?

l) What is the difference between while and do-while?

m) Can we pass function to other functions. If yes how.

n) How can we pass pointers to a function?

o) What are static variables?

Section - B (9 × 5 = 45)

Q2) ‘C is a middle level language’, comment on this statement.

Q3) Explain various C operators.

Q4) Describe various control statement. Also write their syntax.

Q5) Explain recursion with the help of a C program.

Q6) What are different storage classes in C?

Q7) How can you pass parameters to a function?

Q8) What are different input and output functions in C?

Q9) What is interactive programming?

Q10) What is difference between structure and union?

Q11) How can we create a data file in C?

Q12) What are different sorting methods? Explain any one with the help of a C program.

Q13) Write a C program for Binary search.


  1. paper s very easy ........i wish the same question paper will b in bangalore also

  2. the paper is so easy ...........i can answer 2 all...

    -By prash

  3. i hope same ppr come in hnb gu

  4. paper is damn easy !!!!!!!!

  5. dam how can it is easy ............

  6. papet waz dead easy

  7. paper is easy for you coz you are bachelor student, it is hard coz i am +2 student :d


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