Prince Charles cured of Covid-19 within 6 days by using Homeopathic Medicine - It is a FAKE News

These days lots of fake news are coming especially when world is in trouble due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and one of the fake news is coming i.e. Prince Charles cured of COVID-19 within 6 days by using Homoeopathy medicines. Today, morning I received this message on my Whats App (and detailed message I am adding in the post).

Actually it is totally fake news. We have investigated this news and found one video which seems to be useful. You can see that too.

Below is the totally fake viral message, if you will receive then you must ignore that.

Prince Charles cured of Covid-19 within 6 days by using Homoeopathy medicines. Many patients across the globe cured by simple homoeopathy medicines. Still some among us using untested, unscientific dangerous drugs as preventive and curative resulting in the death of vulnerable people like aged and patients already with multi system diseases.

The British Royal Family have been using and endorsing Homeopathy for three Generations. Queen Elizabeth is the Royal Patron of British Homoeopathic Association.

Ars alb 30. 4 pills in the morning
RHUS TOX 200 4pills in the evening as Prevention.
From 10th March onwards
After mild symptoms belladonna 200 4 times a day.
He became negative in 6 days.

This is the high time to think about giving Homoeopathy medicine as preventive and curative across the country and save thousands of life.

One more update at

So, it is totally fake news. 

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