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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Computer Programming And Problem Solving Through "C"- Question Paper of BCA 1st Year April 2013 - Panjab University

Panjab University Chandigarh

Computer Programming And Problem Solving Through "C"

Paper : BCA 1st Year
Time : 3 Hrs.
M.Marks : 90

Note : Attempt five questions in all. select one question each from Sections A-D. Question 9 is compulsory.

Section - A

1. (a) Compare and contrast flow-charts and Algorithm. 9
(b) Explain various operators and their precedence in c-Language. 9

2. (a) How do you develop and debug a program ? Explain. 4+4=8
(b) Explain various standard and formatted statements of C with examples. 10

Section - B

3. (a) Explain while, do-while and for loops of C-Language. 9
(b) How functions are defined and used in main program ? Explain with examples. 9

4. (a) Explain jump, break, continue and go to statements. 12
(b) Write a brief note on Recursion. 6

Section - C

5. (a) What are pre processors directives ? Explain the conditional preprocessors with suitable examples. 9
(b) Write a program in C to multiply two matrices. 9

6. (a) How pointers are declared and initialized and used in C main program ? Explain through example. 9
(b) Demonstrate the use of Single and Multidimensional array through C program. 9

Section - D

7. (a) How structures are declared and its members are accessed ? Explain through array of structure. 9
(b) Explain any three string handling functions in C. 9

8. (a) Draw difference between Structures and Unions. 6
(b) How data-files are created and its contents are used in C-program ? Explain. 12

Section - E

9. Explain:

(a) Header files
(b) Macro
(c) String Variable
(d) Pointers and arrays
(e) Macros
(f) Parameter Passing 6*3 = 18

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