History and Culture of Punjab - Question Paper of BCA 1st Year September 2013 - Panjab University

Panjab University Chandigarh
History and Culture of Punjab

Paper : BCA 1st Year
Time : 3 Hrs.
M.Marks : 90

Note : Attempt five questions in all including Q.No 1 which is compulsory and select one question each from each unit.

1. Answer any nine of the following in 25-30 words each :

(i) Who was the founder of slave dynasty?
(ii) When and between whom 2nd battle of Tarain was fought?
(iii) When and where Mohammad Gori died?
(iv) Nmae the two taxes which only Hindus had to pay during medieval period.
(v) Who wrote 'Ain -e-Akbari'?
(vi) Name the main reformers of Bhakti Movement.
(vii) what do you know about the 'Concept of God'?
(viii) what was the real name of Guru Angad?
(ix) what do you know about Manji-Pratha?
(x) Name the Guru who started Masand system.
(xi) Which Guru completed the Adi-granth and when?
(xii) Who was Bibi Bhani?
(xiii) When Guru Gobing singh ji fought the battles of Anandpur sahib?
(xiv) To which misi Maharaja Ranjit Singh belong?
(xv) Write the two folk tales of Punjab. 2*9=18

Unit - I

2. Discuss the social and economic legacy of Mughals to Punjab. 9,9
3. Discuss the salient features of Bhakti Movement. 18

Unit - II

4. What do you mean by langar and sangat system started by Guru Nanak ji.? 9,9
5. Describe the circumstances leading to adoption of new policy by Hargobind. 18

Unit - III

6. Discuss the causes and results of Guru teg Bahadur's martydom. 9,9
7. Form an estimate of the work and achievements of Banda Bahadur. 18

Unit - IV

8. What do you know about new development in literature and architecture during medieval Punjab? 9,9
9. Write down the famous folk tales of medieval Punjab? 18

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