University of Burdwan - 2nd Round Admission Notice 2013 - 2014

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Particular case of ONLINE SEAT ALLOTMENT & ADMISSION to U. G. 1st year Hons. Courses of The University of Burdwan (2013-14)


After original 5 phases and additional 7phases (total 12th phases) of ONLINE SEAT ALLOTMENT & ADMISSION in the FIRST ROUND of the process it has been observed that some seats are still vacant. To fill in the seats it has been decided that 2ND ROUND of seat allotment and admission will be arranged WITH NEW RULES and conditions. The process will be continued in the portal:

To complete the process as fast as possible, three (3) main NEW RULES (for otherwise eligible candidates) of the 2nd round have been framed as follows:

All choices submitted previously will be cancelled. Candidates will be given scope for submission of 2 choices.

On publication of merit list a candidate will be allowed to apply once only.

As soon as a candidate apply once, the other choice (if not already released) will be dormant.

Candidates should submit 2 choices for which they would have high possibility to get chance to apply. They may collect information about vacant seats in one or more colleges. They may give at least one choice for subjects in which many seats are vacant. All college authorities are requested to save the last position of 12th phase (of MERIT LIST) and notify following information as clearly as possible

Number of vacant seats, Subject-wise & Category-wise.

Lowest grade point up to which candidates got chance to apply during 12th phase of 1st round, Subject-wise & Category-wise.

Except these candidates, unregistered candidates eligible for registration as per previously notified rules of 1st round (and new rules as given in §2 above) will be allowed to register on two dates (Monday, 26-08-2013 and Tuesday, 27-08-2013) only and take part in the 2nd round of the process. However, they are advised to register on Monday, 26-08-2013 at B. U. Help Desk so that they may pay at SBI on Tuesday 27-08-13.

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