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Post Graduate Diploma in one of the best option for the students who want to learn computer and want to make a good carrier in computer field. And If you are a student of PGDCA and looking for previous year question papers of University of Delhi then you can download previous years question papers of Delhi University from here.

PGDCA 2nd Semester 2011 Question Papers

1st Paper - Operating System

1st Question: What are the major functions of an operating system with respect of file management?

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2nd Paper - Database Design

1st Question: Add a column dob (having data type as date) to the subject table

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3rd Paper - Object Oriented Programming

1st Question: Explain the purpose of watch window, immediate window and project explorer window.

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4th Paper - Computer Network and Internet

1st Question:A host computer is interconnected by a large number of dumb terminals. Is a computer network. Justify your answer.

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5th Paper - Multimedia and Applications

1st Question: Define Multimedia

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