B.Ed (English) Entrance Test Model Paper - The English and Foreign Languages University

The English and Foreign Languages University - Hyderabad
B.Ed (English)
Entrance Test Model Paper

Curriculum of the Entrance Test - B.Ed. (English) - 2013

S.No. Section Marks/Weight

1. GK &Aptitude Test in Education 30
2 Grammar 40
3. Reading Comprehension 40
4. Vocabulary 40
5. TOTAL 150

All questions will be of Objective Type.

Some sample questions :

GK & Aptitude Test in Education

I. Article 45 under the Directive Principles of State policy in the Indian Constitution, provides for

(a) Rights of minorities to establish educational institutions
(b) Free and compulsory primary education
(c) Education for weaker sections of the country
(d)Giving financial assistance to less advanced states

II .Vocabulary

Choose one of the words below each sentence to fill the gaps.

1. I did all the groundwork on this project but he only gave me a ........ acknowledgement in his report.

a) itemised
b) uncanny
c) damaging

2. I don't know him very well. He's just a ........ acquaintance.

a) casual
b) uncanny
c) damaging
d) crowning

b. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow( a passage is give that is followed by a vocabulary exercise)

Select the letter of the definition that matches the word (the words are selected from the passage)

1. academic

a) of a army
b) of a school
c) of a doctor
d) of a rule

2. Plagiarize

a) to spread a terrible disease
b) to bother someone with questions
c) to present ideas or words of others as one’s own
d) to make a loud noise
e) grudging

III. Grammar

a. Each sentence in this question is divided into four parts- A,B,C and D. One of these parts has an error. Identify that has the error and indicate it in the space provided.

1. I don’t like stories who have unhappy ending ( )
2. We often have a short holiday on Christmas ( )

b. Rewrite the following sentences as directed. Use the space provided to write your answers

1) If he studies well, he gets first class. (Use ‘unless’)

2) The father provides all its children with reading pocket money. (rewrite in passive voice)

c. Complete the following sentences by filling each blank with more suitable of the two words given in brackets

1. The modern generation doesn’t like to take the _______________of the elders. (advise / advice)

2. The two friends each other on their success in the competitive examination. (Compliment / complement)

IV. Reading comprehension

Two reading comprehensions would be provided. Each reading comprehension would be followed by 20 multiple choice questions.

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