B. Sc. (I.T.) Semester – I - Date Sheet April / May 2013 - University of Mumbai

University of Mumbai

Programme For The First Year B. Sc. (I.T.) (Semester – I)

Examination To Be Held in April / May 2013

Candidates for the above examination are requested to be present at their respective place of the examination fifteen minutes before starting of the First paper and ten minutes of each subsequent paper. THEY ARE FORBIDDEN TO TAKE ANY BOOK OR PAPER INTO THE EXAMINATION HALL.

The details of the seating arrangement made for candidates with their seat numbers mentioned against the names and addresses of the college falling under various examination centers will be displayed on the Notice Board of the Institute of Distance and Open Learning and Internet Website www.mu.ac.in/idol 4 days before the date of commencement of the examination.

Monday, 29th April, 2013 - Introduction to Information Theory & Application (Old) Professional Communication Skills (Revised)

Thursday, 02nd May, 2013 - Mathematics – I (Old) Applied Mathematics – I (Revised)

Saturday, 04th May, 2013 - Introduction to Digital Electronics (Old) Fundamental of Digital Computing (Revised)

Tuesday, 07th May, 2013 - Digital Computer Fundamentals (Old) Electronic and Communication Technology (Revised)

Thursday, 09th May, 2013 - Introduction to Programming – C (Old) Introduction to C + + Programming (Revised)

Source: www.mu.ac.in/myweb_test/tt_bscitsem1.pdf

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