Workshop on Cryptography

Indian Institute of Technology, Patna

A Workshop on Cryptography (April 6-7, 2013)

At present, Cryptography has become a broad area of research. There are a wide variety of applications of cryptography including our day-to-day life applications such as e-mail, e-commerce, e-governance and mobile communications. Therefore, to make the academic studies more relevant on this field, the workshop targets to deliver the basic fundamental knowledge on cryptography to the young students, who can build their carrier to develop the new techniques in this area. The workshop aims to build a foundation on both the design and implementation of cryptographic techniques.

Intended Audience

The Workshop is intended for young students, researchers from Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science who are interested in this field. The participants are desired to be familiar with the basic concepts of number theory..

Important Dates

Date Program

6-7 April 2013 workshop on Cryptography
20 March 2013 Registration Deadline
25 March 2013 Announcement of final list of Participant


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