WAT and CAT Sample Question Paper

General Ability Test (WAT/CAT)

It is a test to judge the general awareness, subject interest, analytical and communication skills of the candidates.

This test comprises the following sub-tests (All are of objective Type)

(1) Case Study
(2) Subject Domain Test
(3) Logical Ability

For each question, four alternative answers have been provided out of which only one is correct. Circle the appropriate Answer using Ball Pen only on the best alternative amongst (a), (b), (c) or (d).

1. Which of the following is the oldest English Daily in India ?

(a) The Times of India (b) Hindustan Times
(c) The Tribune (d) The Indian Express

2. “KM” stands for

(a) Key Management (b) Knowledge Management
(c) Keen Management (d) None of the above

3. The President can vacate his office by addressing his resignation to

(a) The Prime Minister (b) The Vice-President
(c) The Speaker of Lok Sabha (d) The Chief Justice of India

4. Which of the following words has been spelt incorrectly ?

(a) Disappear (b) Surprise
(c) Innoculate (d) Recommend

5. “Millionaire” is related to “Wealth” in the same way as “Genius” is related to

(a) Information (b) Intelligence
(c) Awareness (d) Skill

6. What does “cavalcade’ mean ?

(a) Soldiers (b) Haughtiness
(c) A procession of riders or vehicles (d) Corpse

7. Entomology is the science that deals with

(a) Environment (b) Insects
(c) Words and meanings (d) Birds

8. The children’s apparel brand ‘Zapp’ belongs to

(a) Reliance group (b) Raymond group
(c) Arvind Mills (d) Dinesh Suitings

9. In terms of revenue, which American Company ranks number one?

(a) Microsoft (b) Citigroup
(c) Wall-Mart Stores (d) Ford

10. Which day is celebrated as Computer Literacy Day?

(a) December 1 (b) December 2
(c) December 10 (d) December 22

11. The All India Khadi and Village Industries Board was set up during the

(a) First plan (b) Second plan
(c) Fourth plan (d) Third plan

12. Which of the following religious groups has the highest literacy rate in India, as per 2001 census data

(a) Jains (b) Christians
(c) Buddhists (d) Sikhs

13. Export processing Zones have been converted into Special Economic Zones. Which of the following is not a location of one of these SEZs?

(a) Noida (b) Surat
(c) Vadodara (d) Vishakapatnam

14. Louis Braille is known for the invention of

(a) Power Loom (b) Printing Press
(c) Photography (d) Printing for the blind

15. Optical fibre works on the principle of

(a) Interference (b) Scattering
(c) Refraction (d) Total Internal Reflection

16. Paleontology is concerned with the study of

(a) Fossils (b) Rocks
(c) Soil (d) Trees

17. The first Indian University opened in 1857 was in

(a) Banaras (b) Calcutta
(c) Madras (d) Bombay

18. Which of the following is used as raw material for the Manufacture of rayon?

(a) Coal (b) Cellulose
(c) Plastic (d) Petroleum

19. For which of the following groups of crops has “Green Revolution” been most
successful in India so far?

(a) Cotton and jute (b) Mustard and oil seeds
(c) Potato and sugarcane (d) Wheat and rice

20. Liquid is characterized by its

(a) Fluidity (b) No definite shape but definite volume
(c) Capacity to dissolve the solids (d) All of these properties

21. Mathura school of Art is famous for which of the following?

(a) Green sand stone carvings (b) Marble carvings
(c) Red sand stone carvings (d) Rock pillars

22. Find least number of five digits which is exactly divisible by 654

(a) 10464 (b) 10310
(c) 10230 (d) 10010

23. Who won the FIFA World player of the year 2005 Award

(a) David Beckham (b) Rivaldo
(c) Ronaldinho (d) Zinadine Zidane

24. The Chemical used as a ‘fixer’ in photography is

(a) Sodium sulphate (b) Sodium thiosulphate
(c) Ammonium persulphate (d) Borax

25. Which Vitamin is provided by sunlight to the body

(a) Vitamin C (b) Vitamin B
(c) Vitamin A (d) Vitamin D

26. Which of the following is the longest river of the World?

(a) Nile (b) Volga
(c) Mississippi (d) Amazon

27. Alpha-Keratin is a protein present in

(a) Skin (b) Blood
(c) Wool (d) Eggs

28. Who was the first recipient of Dada Sahab Phalke Award?

(a) B.N Shankar (b) Prithvi Raj Kapoor
(c) Mrs. Devika Rani (d) Mrs. Kanan Devi

29. The paintings in the Ajanta and Ellora Caves are indicative of development of artunder the

(a) Rashtrakutas (b) Pallavas
(c) Chalukyas (d) Pandyas

30. Who was the first European to translate the Bhagwad Gita into English?

(a) James Prinsep (b) Charles wilkins
(c) William Jones (d) Sir Alexander Cunningham

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