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Saturday, January 7, 2012

National Seminar on Natural Language Processing and Data Mining

Veer Narmad South Gujarat University
Udhna Magdalla Road, Surat-395007
Ph. +91 261 2257906, 2257911

National Seminar on

Natural language Processing and Data Mining

Sponsored under UGC Special Assistance Program

Venue: Seminar Hall Department of computer Science Ph. +91 261 2257906, 2257911

Programme Objective

Last decade has observed quantum jump in various disciplines of computing and related research areas. UGC also sponsors such research programs and has provided special assistance to the department for the thrust areas of Natural language processing and data mining. The conference aims to bring together innovative academicians, researchers, scientists, industrial experts in multi- disciplinary field and provide a platform to acquaint & share new ideas in the filed of computing with special focus on Natural language processing, data mining, Digital image processing and data base systems.

Important Dates

Last date for submission of full papers: 25th Jan 2012

Acceptance notification: 31 Jan 2012

Camera ready copy: 31 Jan 2012

Last date for Registration: 15 Feb 2012

For more details, visit:

GPAT 2012 Model Question Paper and Pattern of Question Paper

GPAT 2012 Model Question Paper

Pattern of Question Paper

The GPAT-2012 question paper will consist of one hundred fifty (150 Nos.) multiple choice objective questions only. Candidates have to mark the correct choice by darkening the appropriate bubble against each question on an Optical Response Sheet (ORS). Each right answer will carry three marks while for each wrong answer, 1/3 (one third) marks will be deducted. ‘No attempt’ will fetch zero mark.

Each question will have four choices for the answer. Out of these, only one choice is correct/most appropriate. Each choice contains stand-alone statement(s)/phrase(s)/ data/structure(s).

The type of questions asked in this examination would be to evaluate a candidate’s aptitude and knowledge of Pharmacy subjects and applied subjects (as per the syllabus given in the website) taught at B. Pharmacy level, which may involve basic principles, facts, formulae/laws, understanding of the fundamental ideas, and application or drawing observations of the fundamentals of pharmacy discipline. Some examples of the multiple choice objective questions are given below:

Q.1 All of the given four drugs cause vasodilatation. Choose the correct statement about them? [P) Bradykinin [Q] Minoxidil [R] Acetylcholine [S] Hydralazine

(A) P & Q cause release of nitric oxide
(B) Q & R do not cause release of nitric oxide
(C) R & S cause release of nitric oxide
(D) P & S do not cause release of nitric oxide

Q.2 Study the following two statements and choose the correct answer: [P] Antibodies are serum proteins providing immunity. [Q] IgG provides immunity to new born babies while IgM is the first generated antibody.

(A) P is correct and Q is incorrect (B) P is incorrect and Q is correct
(C) Both P and Q are correct (D) Both P and Q are incorrect

Q.3 Determine the correctness or otherwise of the following Assertion [a] and the Reason [r]: Assertion[a]: For a pharmaceutical powder true density is greater than the granule density. Reason [r]: Mercury displacement used for determining granule density, allows penetration of liquid into internal pores of the particles.

(A) [a] is true but [r] is false
(B) Both [a] and [r] are false
(C) Both [a] and [r] are true and [r] is the correct reason for [a]
(D) Both [a] and [r] are true but [r] is NOT the correct reason for [a]

Q.4 A glycoalkaloid [P] contains sulphur in addition to nitrogen in its molecule. [Q] is glycosidic in nature. [R] can be hydrolysed to an alkaloid. [S] always contains endocyclic nitrogen in its molecule. Choose the correct option?

(A) P&R (B) Q&S
(C) Q&R (D) P&Q

Q.5 Five-membered heteroaromatic compounds show a much higher rate of electrophilic aromatic substitution reactions than the six-membered ones. This is due to which one of the following reasons?

(A) Five-membered heteroaromatic compounds have higher circulating electron density in the ring than the six-membered ones
(B) Five-membered heteroaromatic compounds have lower circulating electron density in the ring than the six-membered ones
(C) Five-membered rings are smaller in size than the six membered ones which affects their reaction rates
(D) Six membered heteroaromatic rings are flat while the five-membered ones are puckered

Q.6 Followings are the desirable properties of the liquid phase used in GLC EXCEPT for one of the followings. Identify that?

(A) It should be inert to the analytes
(B) It should have high viscosity at operating temperature
(C) It should have low vapour pressure at the operating temperature
(D) It should have a high resolving power

Q.7 In an optically active organic compound a chiral carbon has the following attached groups:

[P] [Q] [R] [S]

Using ‘Sequence Rules’ choose the correct order of priority of the groups?

(A) Q>P>S>R (B) P>Q>R>S
(C) Q>P>R>S (D) P>Q>S>R

Q.8 The following statements are given: [P] Conformational isomers are interconvertible by rotation around a single bond while configurational isomers can not be interconverted without breaking a bond. [Q] Configurational isomers could be optically active or optically inactive while conformational isomers are optically inactive [R] Geometric isomers must have a double bond in their structures [S] Geometric and optical isomers are the two distinct categories of configurational isomers. Choose the correct combination of statements?

(A) P, Q & S are true while R is false (B) P,R & S are true while Q is false
(C) Q, R & S are true while P is false (D) P, Q & R are true while S is false

Q.9 Choose the correct statement for writing the sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide?

(A) Amino terminal is to be written on the left hand side while the carboxyl terminal is to be written on the right hand side
(B) Carboxyl terminal is to be written on the left hand side while the amino terminal is to be written on the right hand side
(C) Any of the amino acid terminals can be written on any sides but it is to be mentioned by Specifying the amino terminal and the carboxyl terminal in abbreviations
(D) It varies from author to author how the sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide is to be written

Q.10 Given are the four statements about NMR: [P] 13CMR is a less sensitive technique than PMR [Q] Both 13C and 1H have I=1/2 [R] Precessional frequency of the nucleus is directly proportional to the applied magnetic field [S] Deuterium exchange studies can be performed to ascertain protons attached to heteroatoms. Choose the correct combination of statements?

(A) P, Q & R are true while S is false (B) R, S & Q are true while P is false
(C) S, P & Q are true while R is false (D) All are true

* Negative Marking:
There is a one-third (1/3) negative marking for each wrong answer


CHARUSAT - Convocation 2012

Charotar University of Science and Technology (CHARUSAT)
At Post: Changa
Taluka: Petlad, District: Anand
Pin Code: 388 421
Contact Info
Phone# 02697-247 500
Fax# 02697-247 100

Convocation 2012

First Convocation of Charotar University of Science & Technology. (CHARUSAT), Changa. A total of 158 post-graduate students who have successfully completed their M.Tech/M. Pharm / M.Sc. /MBA programmes will be receiving their degree at the convocation scheduled during the first fortnight of January 2012. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam; Former President of India has Kindly Consented to be the Chief Guest and deliver the Convocation address on the occasion.

Registration Form is sent by Post/ Courier to the respective students.

Date and Time of the convocation: January 18, 2012 (Wednesday) at 10.00 am

Students are requested to fill up the Registration Form after reading the instructions for convocation.

For any queries please E-mail at or call at 9825515638.

For more details, visit:

MIAD and IMIAD Admission Notice 2012-2013, CEPT University

CEPT University, Ahmedabad
School Of Interior Design
Faculty of Design

Admissions 2012-13

Masters in Interior Architecture and Design MIAD

International Master of Interior Architectural Design, IMIAD

Application forms will be available with effect from May 2012 at CEPT University office desk upon payment of INR 1000/- (nonrefundable) in cash or by Demand Draft in favour of ‘School of Interior Design’ drawn on nationalized banks payable at Ahmedabad. The same can also be downloaded from the CEPT University website


Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design or Interior Architecture or Design or equivalent, awarded upon completion of a course of minimum four years duration, or

Bachelor’s degree in Architecture recognized by the Council of Architecture, or

Bachelor’s degree in Construction Technology (five-year programme), or

Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design awarded upon completion of a course of three years duration, provided that the selected candidates successfully clear 12 months of Bridge Course to be conducted at CEPT, or

Diploma in Interior Design of four years duration (12 + 4), provided that the programme is considered equivalent to a four-year degree programme by the Equivalence Committee of CEPT University. In case this equivalence is not granted by CEPT University the selected candidate will have to undergo 12 months of Bridge Course.

For more details, visit:

MBA in Technology Management 2012, CEPT University

Center for Environmental Planning and Technology

Full Time Admission open for July 2012 Batch

Selection to MBA in Technology Management 2012-13 batch to be based on CAT 2011 and other tests to be conducted by FTM

Faculty of Technology Management (FTM) was instituted in April 2008 to offer interdisciplinary programmes in emerging technological areas, such as Energy and Environment Management, Urban Management, Infrastructure Management, Real Estate Management,Telecommunications Management, Intellectual Property Management, Technology Entrepreneurship, etc, and to specialize in developing management pedagogy for these disciplines. FTM offers a two years full time program of M.B.A in Technology Management and a three Years Part time program of M.B.A. in Infrastructure Management .

Important Dates

Last Date to apply : 26.03.2012

Technology Awareness Test : 02.04.2012

Download Brochure for MBA in Technology Management 2012

For more details, visit:

Convocation 2012 on 18th February 2012 - Centre for Environmental and Planning Technology University

Centre for Environmental and Planning Technology University

Convocation 2012

The 6th Convocation of CEPT University is to be held on Saturday, 18th February 2012.

Ms. Leela Samson, Director, Kalakshetra Foundation will be the Chief Guest and will deliver the convocation address.

About University: Initially CEPT was established and run by Ahmedabad Education Society (AES). In the year 1994, a separate trust and a society CEPT Society was formed. CEPT is registered as a Society and Public Charitable Trust. CEPT has been registered under the Societies whether Registered Society/ Company/Others Registration Act 1860 with the Asst. Registrar of Societies, Ahmedabad Region, Ahmedabad, vide Registration No. Guj/4185/ Ahmedabad dated 24 Jan 1994.

For more details, visit:

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