Volunteer Guide Training Module (VGTM), January, 2013 - National Museum

National Museum
Janpath, New Delhi – 110011
Attn: Curator (Lecturing & Education)

Volunteer Guide Training Module (VGTM)

Are you interested in History and the Arts? Do you enjoy the company of people? Do you feel the need to get involved and contribute?

National Museum, the premier Museum of India, announces the Volunteer Guide Programme. A Programme designed to increase the appreciation of the priceless art objects in its collection, and make a visit to the Museum more enjoyable. We are looking for persons who are interested in volunteering to conduct tours at the National Museum. If you can commit to keep aside some time to conduct tours, we will train you to become a Volunteer Guide at the Museum.

The Volunteer Guide Training Module will begin from January, 2013 and the Tour Programme is expected to start by March, 2013. Classes are free, and no previous knowledge of History of Art is necessary.

National Museum intends to establish a Volunteer Guide (VG) Programme at the Museum. A VG is a trained guide and educator, interested in leading groups of visitors through the National Museum’s permanent collection. VG’s play an important role in expanding the visitors’ appreciation of the collection, and of the heritage and history of India.

The VG Programme of National Museum will be a general introductory tour, which will be of interest to the first time visitor to the museum. The conducted tour of the National Museum will be 90 minutes in duration, introducing the visitor to the highlights of the National Museum, through a brief description of the galleries and about 15 objects on display. The tours will be conducted by trained Volunteer Guides, and will be held at prefixed times on every working day of the Museum

If you have the time and interest, please fill up the application form as enclosed and send it to Curator (Lecturing & Education), National Museum by 21st December,

The filled up application should be sent to

Curator (Lecturing & Education)
National Museum
Janpath, New Delhi – 110011

You can also send the application by email to drvkmathurnmnd@gmail.com

For more details, visit: www.indiaculture.nic.in/indiaculture/ad_vf.htm

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