JEST Previous Year Sample Questions Papers

JEST Sample Papers

If you are looking for JEST previous year question paper in Physics then from here you can download the previous years question paper of Physics

Physics Sample Paper

The JEST screening test for entrance to the PhD programme in Physics focuses on the following broad areas:

• Classical Mechanics
• Electromagnetic Theory and Optics
• Quantum Mechanics
• Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
• Mathematical Methods
• Electronics and Experimental Methods
• Advanced topics (like Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear Physics and very elementary Solid State Physics)

In each of these areas, familiarity with the basics (including the necessary mathematics) is assumed. The test will contain only multiple choice questions. Half the questions would carry ONE POINT and the candidate may have to do a short calculation to get the answer. The rest would be THREE POINT QUESTIONS which will require more detailed problem solving.

Physics Sample Papers

Download JEST Physics Sample Papers

Download JEST Physics Sample Papers


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