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Shyam Lal College (Eve.)
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Call for Papers


Two-day International Seminar on “Exploring Gandhian World Order”

This Seminar is organized to examine and appropriate Gandhian ideas and it prospects to achieve a Gandhian or near-Gandhian world order based on globally and universally shared prosperity, equity and non-violence. It would almost be groping for an alternative to presently inegalitarian violent and terror-torned world. This whole academic exercise aims as how to reify an attainable and sustainable India and the world close to Gandhian imagination. The organizer, therefore, is constrained to invite papers with problem solving orientation based only on Gandhian political, social and economic principles cum practice. Acceptance of all the abstracts and papers is subject to approval of the referring committee constituted for review etc. The interested participants can send their abstract latest by the 10th November 2012 and full paper by 15th December 2012.

Critical review of Gandhi biographies & autobiographies
Gleaning Hindswaraj and other edited journals by Gandhi
Formative influences (Works & authors) that shaped Mahatma
Gandhian Minimal State’s Globalization
Political obligation and Civil Disobedience
A call for morality and probity in politics today
Imagining Gandhian Swaraj in this Millennium
Down-top model and working of Panchayati Raj
Prospects of non-violence activism in India and the world.
Untouchability & Caste: Reformation v/s Annihilation
Status of women empowerment and Gandhi
Secularism and Communal Harmony
Religion based Terrorism and clash of civilization.
Gandhian Environmentalism as panacea
Cinematic activism and Gandhi
Gandhi as a critique to western capitalism and culture
Trusteeship and Bhoodaan movement
Ungandhian Development Model and Naxalism
Anti-Over consumption Global Movements and Gandhism
Idealizing Peaceful, prosperous and Zero-Violence World
Gandhian world view / order: Utopia or Reality

The abstract of 300-500 words can be e-mailed to Dr. G.P. Agarwal, Principal or to the Dr. Vinod Tyagi, Convener at the e-mail id of the college i.e. shyamlal_e@yahoo.co.in.

For more details, visit: www.du.ac.in

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