NIPER - 3rd Indo-German Conference on Modeling Chemical and Biological

National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research S.A.S. Nagar

3rd Indo-German Conference on Modeling Chemical and Biological (RE) Activity (26th February-1st March 2013)

Goals of the Symposium

To have an Indo-German meeting on interconnecting concepts in computational modeling of chemical reactivity and biological activity. Both fields have in common the challenge of working with large systems at molecular resolution as well as the goal to match existing experimental data with high accuracy. Theoretical methods are expected to provide quantitative models for the rationalization of existing data and for the prediction of the properties of new systems in pharmaceutical and catalysis research. A list of possible subtopics includes:

1. Large Molecular Systems - Methodology
2. Non-covalent Interactions
3. Catalysis
4. Reaction Mechanisms of Molecular Transformations
5. Reactivity Descriptors
6. Biological Activity
7. Drug-Receptor Interactions
8. Molecular Dynamics
9. Property Design

Important Dates

Last date of registration 31st December, 2012

Abstract submission 31st December, 2012

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