100th Indian Science Congress, Kolkata

100th Indian Science Congress, Kolkata on 3rd – 7th January, 2013

Annual Session of Indian Science Congress has emerged as a major national event. The centenary session scheduled for 3rd – 7th January, 2013 gains historical importance in more than one way. Whereas the themes for all the sessions up the period of 2003 since the first session in 1914 could be grouped under ‘Shaping of the Indian Science’, the theme selected for the centenary session is “Science for shaping the future of India”.

Science has remained a human activity for the formulation of knowledge. The generation of new body of knowledge continues to be the important preoccupation of scientists. In the real world, the deployment of formulated knowledge for solving social problems has been gaining equal importance. It is widely accepted that the future generations would rely on the power of scientific knowledge to solve problems of food and nutrition security, affordable health care challenges, energy and environment related problems,water and sanitation related challenges, etc. Science, Technology and Innovation are emerging three pillars from which future societies could not only benefit but also rely for solving social challenges.

Support from the political will for Indian science since independence has always been total. Investments into science have increased in absolute quantum significantly during the 21st century, although the commitment to increase the Gross Expenditure on Research and Development to 2% of the Gross Domestic Product still remains a target than reality. Realization of a national target would demand significant increases of private sector engagement into Research and Development. A new policy environment for making research and development attractive for investment by all share holders of science seems the need of the hour.

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