PEC, Short Term Course on Flight Mechanics and Recent Developments

PEC University of Technology

Short Term Course on Flight Mechanics and Recent Developments

December (3rd – 7th), 2012

A short term course on “Flight Mechanics and recent developments” shall be conducted during December (3rd – 7th), 2012 in the Aerospace Engineering Department, PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh. The course is designed to cater the needs of academicians and engineers working in the field of Aerospace Engineering. Recently, a large number of academic institutes have come up in the field of Aerospace Engineering. The specialized course of Flight Mechanics needs special attention as it involves the performance, stability and control of the aircraft. Academicians require in-depth knowledge of the subject with recent advances to cater the needs of the students in the field of academics and research. The knowledge of dynamic stability characteristics and their determination using different estimation techniques is extremely important to the scientists and engineers of the aerospace organizations for the design of autopilots. In addition to expert lectures in the field by the experts invited from various distinguished organizations such as ISRO, HAL, IITs etc., the major thrust of the short term course will be on the subject knowledge with recent advances in the field and shall include the following topics:

• Airplane Performance (Steady & Accelerated Flights)
• Take-off and Landing Performance
• Energy Methods
• Static & Dynamic Stability (Longitudinal and Lateral)
• Equations of Motion & stability characteristics
• Short Period and Phugoid Modes (Longitudinal and Lateral)
• Parameter Estimation Techniques
• Controls and Simulinks
• Re-entry Flight Mechanics

The applications from the candidates should reach the course coordinator latest by 2nd November, 2012

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