PTU MCA 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Semester Date Sheet December 2012

Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar

PTU announced the Date Sheet for Course MCA for November December 2012 and January 2013. If you are a MCA student of PTU and looking for December 2012 Date Sheet of Master of Computer Applications then check all exams schedule as follows

MCA Date Sheet December 2012

Date - Session - Semester - Subject

26-Nov-12 M 1 Information Management

29-Nov-12 M 1 Object Oriented Programming in C++

1-Dec-12 M 1 Computer Organization & Assembly Language

3-Dec-12 M 1 Accounting & Financial Management

6-Dec-12 E 1 Communicative English

17-Nov-12 M 3 RDBMS-I

17-Nov-12 E 5 Computer Graphics

19-Nov-12 M 2 Principles of Management

19-Nov-12 E 4 RDBMS-II

20-Nov-12 M 3 Software Engineering

20-Nov-12 E 5 Internet Programming And Java

21-Nov-12 M 2 Introduction to Micro Processor

21-Nov-12 E 4 Computer Based Optimization Methods

22-Nov-12 M 3 Computer System Architecture

22-Nov-12 E 5 E-Commerce

22-Nov-12 E 5 Compiler Design

23-Nov-12 M 2 Management Information System

23-Nov-12 E 4 System Software

24-Nov-12 M 3 Data Structures

24-Nov-12 E 5 System Simulation And Modeling

26-Nov-12 M 2 Object Oriented Programming using C++

26-Nov-12 E 4 Operating System

27-Nov-12 M 1 Computer Mathematical Foundation

27-Nov-12 E 5 Advanced Microprocessor Systems

29-Nov-12 M 2 Data Communication & Networks

29-Nov-12 E 4 Artificial Intelligence

29-Nov-12 E 4 Robotics Engineering

29-Nov-12 E 4 Object Oriented Analysis and Design

30-Nov-12 M 1 Accounting & Financial Mgmt.

3-Dec-12 M 1 Introduction to Information Technology

5-Dec-12 M 1 Programming in C

7-Dec-12 M 1 System Analysis And Design


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