B.Tech ECE Date Sheet December 2012

PTU Date Sheet November December 2012 for B.Tech ECE

PTU announced the Date Sheet for B.Tech ECE for all semesters (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th)

B.Tech ECE 3rd Semester Date Sheet December 2012

Date - Session - Semester - Subject

17-Nov-12 M 3 Engineering Mathematics-III

20-Nov-12 M 3 Object Oriented Programming using C++

22-Nov-12 M 3 Analog Devices & Circuits

24-Nov-12 M 3 Digital Circuit and Logic Design

27-Nov-12 M 3 Network Analysis and Synthesis

17-Nov-12 M 3 Applied Mathematics-III

20-Nov-12 M 3 Network Analysis & Synthesis

22-Nov-12 M 3 Electronics Devices & Circuits

24-Nov-12 M 3 Electronic Measurement & Instrumentation

27-Nov-12 M 3 Object Oriented Programming using C++

B.Tech ECE 4th Semester Date Sheet December 2012

4-Dec-12 E 4 Analog Electronics

6-Dec-12 E 4 Digital Electronics

8-Dec-12 E 4 Signals and Systems

10-Dec-12 E 4 Electromagnetic Field Theory

11-Dec-12 E 4 Linear Control Systems

B.Tech ECE 5th Semester Date Sheet December 2012

17-Nov-12 E 5 Analog Communication Systems

20-Nov-12 E 5 Antenna & Wave Propagation

22-Nov-12 E 5 Linear Integrated Circuits

24-Nov-12 E 5 Microprocessors & its applications

27-Nov-12 E 5 Total Quality Management

30-Nov-12 E 5 Pulse, Digital & Switching Circuits

B.Tech ECE 6th Semester Date Sheet December 2012

3-Dec-12 M 6 Microwave & Radar Engineering

5-Dec-12 M 6 Micro-Controller & Embedded Systems

6-Dec-12 M 6 Environment Science

7-Dec-12 M 6 Cellular & Mobile Communication

7-Dec-12 M 6 Microelectronics

7-Dec-12 M 6 Human Resource Management

7-Dec-12 M 6 Neural Network & Fuzzy Logic

7-Dec-12 M 6 Virtual Instrumentation

8-Dec-12 M 6 Digital Signal Processing

10-Dec-12 M 6 Digital Communication

B.Tech ECE 7th & 8th Semester Date Sheet December 2012

19-Nov-12 M 7,8 Computer Networks

21-Nov-12 M 7,8 VLSI Design & Technology

23-Nov-12 M 7,8 Industrial Electronics

23-Nov-12 M 7,8 Wireless Communication Systems & Network

23-Nov-12 M 7,8 Bio-Medical Electronics

23-Nov-12 M 7,8 Engineering Economics

26-Nov-12 M 7,8 Operating System

26-Nov-12 M 7,8 Image Processing

26-Nov-12 M 7,8 Satellite Communications

26-Nov-12 M 7,8 Reliability Engg.

26-Nov-12 M 7,8 TV Engg.

29-Nov-12 M 7,8 Optical Fiber Communications

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