JEE: IIT Kanpur View

IIT Kanpur

JEE: IIT Kanpur View

Until the Senate of IIT Kanpur meets and decides to change its decision the earlier decision stands. There is no new information on the exact nature of JEE 2013 apart from what has been reported in the press and available in the form of unofficial minutes (see item below). Formal minutes of the IIT Council meeting are awaited. The Senate is likely to meet only after the formal decision of the IIT Council is known. We hope this will happen in the next couple of weeks.

This HT article (2nd Jul) clearly brings out that normalization is not scientifically supported. One of the authors of the report says "We were then told very clearly that we were not to worry about whether scores could be compared, but to only provide the best way to compare them". What more is there to say?


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