MBA Date Sheet December 2011 - PTU for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Semester

Punjab Technical University Jalandhar
Final Datesheet for Examination Nov/Dec-2011
Time: Morning Session:9.30 AM to 12.30 PM / Evening Session:1.30 PM to 4.30 PM

Date - Session - Semester - Sub Title

5-Dec-11 M 1 Accounting for Management
7-Dec-11 M 1 Quantitative Techniques
9-Dec-11 M 1 Principles & Practices of Management
12-Dec-11 M 1 Organizational Behaviour
14-Dec-11 M 1 Managerial Economics

MBA 2nd Semester

10-Dec-11 M 2 Human Resource Management
12-Dec-11 M 2 Marketing Management
13-Dec-11 M 2 Business Environment
14-Dec-11 M 2 Production and Operations Management
15-Dec-11 M 2 Financial Management

MBA 3rd Semester

21-Nov-11 M 3 Applied Operations Research
23-Nov-11 M 3 Corporate Legal Environment
25-Nov-11 M 3 Consumer Behaviour (2K8 Batch)
28-Nov-11 M 3 Marketing Research (2K8 Batch)
28-Nov-11 M 3 Purchasing Management
28-Nov-11 M 3 Relational Database Management System
30-Nov-11 M 3 Retail and Supply Chain Management
30-Nov-11 M 3 Strategic Financial Management
30-Nov-11 M 3 Inventory Management
30-Nov-11 M 3 Industrial Psychology
30-Nov-11 M 3 Software Engineering
1-Dec-11 M 3 Social Security & Labour Welfare (2K8 Batch)
2-Dec-11 M 3 Production Planning & Control (2K8 Batch)
3-Dec-11 M 3 Training & Development
6-Dec-11 M 3 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management (2K8 Batch)
8-Dec-11 M 3 Programming in C/ C++
19-Dec-11 M 3 Direct Tax Planning (2K8 Batch)

MBA 4th Semester

5-Dec-11 E 4 Strategic Management
6-Dec-11 E 4 Project Management and Entrepreneurship
7-Dec-11 E 4 Industrial Relations & Labour Laws
8-Dec-11 E 4 Advertising and Sales Management
9-Dec-11 E 4 International Marketing
9-Dec-11 E 4 E-Commerce & IT Enabled Services
10-Dec-11 E 4 Management of financial Services
12-Dec-11 E 4 International Finance
12-Dec-11 E 4 Rural Marketing
12-Dec-11 E 4 Organisation Development
13-Dec-11 E 4 Technology Management
13-Dec-11 E 4 Management Control Systems
13-Dec-11 E 4 Performance & Compensation Management
14-Dec-11 E 4 Quality Management
14-Dec-11 E 4 International Human Resource Management
14-Dec-11 E 4 Introduction to Computer Network
14-Dec-11 E 4 Financial Engineering
15-Dec-11 E 4 Services Marketing
15-Dec-11 E 4 Manufacturing Policy & Implementation
21-Nov-11 M 3 International Economics & Trade
23-Nov-11 M 3 International Finance
25-Nov-11 M 3 International Marketing
28-Nov-11 M 3 International Human Resource Management
30-Nov-11 M 3 E-Commerce
5-Dec-11 E 4 International Business Strategy
6-Dec-11 E 4 Foreign Trade Policy and Management
7-Dec-11 E 4 International development and Trade

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