Delhi University - National Seminar on Indian Business through Ages

National Seminar


Indian Business through Ages

December 12‐13, 2011

Organized By

Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi


Conference Centre, University of Delhi

The proposed Seminar aims at having an understanding of the ancient roots of modern business practices in India. The deliberations will focus on the course of the transition of business from mercantile capitalism to industrial capitalism. Along with the family – run business and individually owned business enterprises, ancient India possessed a number of other forms of engaging in business or collective activity, including the gana, pani, puga, vrata, sangha, nigama and sreni.

Who can Attend

1. Academicians
2. Research Scholars
3. Management Students and Post Graduate Students
4. Others: Any one who is interested in the subject matter

Important dates to Remember

Deadlines to Submit Abstracts: September 10, 2011
Notification of Acceptance September 20, 2011
Deadline to Submit Full papers November 15, 2011

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