M.Sc Medical Biochemistry Degree Model Question Paper - University of Madras

University of Madras

Entrance Examination For M.Sc Medical Biochemistry Degree

Course in the Department of Medical Biochemistry

Common Model Question Paper

1. Normal fasting venous plasma glucose level is

(A) 65 – 110 mg/dL (B) 70 – 120 mg/dL
(C) 80 – 120 mg/dL (D) 50 – 90 mg/dL

2. The complete oxidation of acetoacetate to CO2 and H2O in muscle requires

(A) Biotin (B) ATP
(C) HMG-CoA synthetase (D) TPP

3. t-RNA reacts specifically with

(A) Free aminoacid (B) Aminoacid adenylate
(C) m-RNA (D) DNA

4. The visual pigment of human rod cells is

(A) Opsin (B) Rhodopsin
(C) Transducin (D) Metarhodopsin

5. The allosteric compound is

(A) A competitive inhibitor (B) A non-competitive inhibitor
(C) An irreversible inhibitor (D) An activator

* The question paper will contain 100 multiple choice questions as given above and the total mark is 100.

Source: www.unom.ac.in

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